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  1. bmetelsky

    Hopper 3 Antenna

    Good morning. I have a question. I have my wonderful Hopper 3 connected to the internet via ethernet cable to the back. Can I take off the small antenna on the back and put it in a safe place for now, or would it impact the Hopper 3 in some way that I am not aware of?
  2. bmetelsky

    Powered HDMI Splitter Recommendations?

    I have an older Hitachi television that has only 1 HDMI input. I know that I will need a powered HDMI splitter so that I can hook up my Hopper 3 (when I sign up for DISH at the end of the month) and my Roku. Is anybody using one that can make a good recommendation? I would prefer to purchase...
  3. bmetelsky

    Having Multiple Joey's W/one Hopper

    Hi, I have someone interested in buying my owned Joey, but he has a question that I cannot answer. He has a Hopper with 3 Joey's. Can he add a 4th Joey? I'm sure a splitter would be needed. He's thinking that he could have 4 if he only used 2-3 at a time.
  4. bmetelsky

    Sending Back Lnb

    Hi, I cancelled DISH last week and am now in possession of the return box. It specifically states that they want receivers, remotes, and the LNB. I guess I can climb up a ladder and get the LNB, but was wondering if anybody can tell me what tool to take with me to retrieve it. Thanks. Sent from...
  5. bmetelsky

    Great Installation Today!

    Just thought I would post a few words about my installation today. I received an automated call by DirecTv about 7:45am indicating my installer would be at my home shortly. The installer from Multiband, Chris, arrived about 8:10am. I gave him the tour of tv and current cabling setup and asked...
  6. bmetelsky

    New Installation Question

    Hi, I'm having DirecTv install a Genie and two "mini's" next Friday. I have one question about cable runs. I currently have one cable coming into the house and going directly upstairs where there is one tv. I have another going into the basement from outside and in the basement it is split...
  7. bmetelsky

    Placement of 2-Way Splitter for Joeys

    Hi, I purchased a new Joey to add to my current setup, which is a 1 Hopper, 1 Joey deal. When installing the 2-way splitter so that I can run a line to the additional hopper, is it alright to place this outside on the side of the house? It would be most convenient if I could mount it on the...
  8. bmetelsky

    Great New DISH Installation!

    I am a former DirecTv subscriber, switching to DISH for a better deal and to check out the Hopper. I ordered on-line on Thursday night (really very early Friday morning) and was able to schedule an installation for the upcoming Saturday. That's very quick service in my opinion. The installer...
  9. bmetelsky

    Ethernet Pass-Through on New Hopper??

    I am new to Dish and have an install scheduled for tomorrow. I am wondering if the ethernet pass-through on the back of the Hopper is functional yet? I have ethernet in the room with the main tv, but would like to also connect the X-Box. Is anybody doing this?