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  1. hdtvtechno

    Finding contract date online?

    Where is the link where I can find what day my contract expires online? Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  2. hdtvtechno

    Few question about uverse tv

    Nevermind Delete this
  3. hdtvtechno

    Really like the power saving feature

    It shuts off the dvr after 4 hours of no commands from the remote control My tv also shuts off when it doesn't detect any picture or sound after 2 mins Great when you fall asleep when watching tv :)
  4. hdtvtechno

    Any new hd channel additions coming soon?

    It's been quiet
  5. hdtvtechno

    Duplicate Channels

    Anyone else seeing duplicate channels USAHD, +USAHD, SpikeHD, +SpikeHD, SyfyHD, +SyfyHD, TNTHD, +TNTHD, etc...
  6. hdtvtechno

    AT&T Mobility sues alleged spammers in Atlanta

    AT&T Mobility sues alleged spammers in Atlanta | Atlanta Business Chronicle I hope this puts a stop to this
  7. hdtvtechno

    Check your Directv bills and Accounts online.. GSN GAME LOUNGE added without your request

    my account shows that GSN GAME LOUNGE was added to my account i never ordered it
  8. hdtvtechno

    how to reset Parental Control passcode

    i forgot my Parental Control passcode on the DVR would pressing "reset everything" in the setup menu earse it and give me access to the channels that are restricted? i dont care if it earses everything
  9. hdtvtechno

    Will this work?

    My friend is trying to install another Directv receiver in second bedroom can a 2way Digital splitter be used.. so she can watch different channels in each room?
  10. hdtvtechno

    a friend of mine has a question

    wants to try out Directv as an new customer and asking if there is trial period that u can cancel if not sastified with the service i think its 3 or 7 days after you activated service and had it installed .. right ? :confused:
  11. hdtvtechno

    Schlage Link Door Locks

    Schlage LiNK Does anyone have these Link Enabled Door Locks ? looks neat Thinking i gonna get one of them will make my life a lot of easier..:up
  12. hdtvtechno

    How soon can i make a claim on Directv Protection Plan

    How soon after i sign up for protection plan can i request a repair replacement service call ?
  13. hdtvtechno

    AT&T Customers Enjoy Unlimited Calling to Their A-List

    AT&T- News Room Let the good times roll. With AT&T A-List with Rollover, customers can do just that—with unlimited mobile calling to and from five “VIP” domestic phone numbers at no additional cost.* Families can join in the savings too with unlimited calling to up to 10 lines with...
  14. hdtvtechno


    I have an R22-200 the second tuner doesnt seem to work in one room but it work when i bring it in my other room it was working before.. what could go wrong ? the cable ?.... No ? or the Port on the Multi-switch gone bad ?
  15. hdtvtechno

    DirecTV PPV is now "Directv Cinema"

    PPV is being rebranded as Directv Cinema what does everyone think of the name change ?
  16. hdtvtechno

    Skype now available for iphone users

    at the app store free download
  17. hdtvtechno

    Question about Credit Loans & Credit Fico Scores

    I have a car loan.. the loan is in my moms name as th first borrower.. and i am the Co-signer My mom passed away in 2007 Im still paying the car loan.. is this somewhat giving me good credit fico scores.. even though my mom is still the first borrower.. ? or can i remove my mom from...
  18. hdtvtechno

    Has anyone

    used this service before ? The Ultimate PO Box, Post Office Box and Mail Forwarding Service | Earth Class Mail
  19. hdtvtechno

    Last Call with Carson Daly going HD

    going HD starting New Years Eve.. and going forward then after.. mentioned on the air today.. :up
  20. hdtvtechno

    Im lost

    How to configure my default email program.. where when i click a email address (mailto) it opens up my web browser and goes to my account on the web BTW windows vista home premium