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  1. DetFan

    Lowest priced package

    Does directv have a 19.99 or 29.99 option not listed on their sight? I forget. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. DetFan

    Double Play

    Does this even work properly? Undo everything it says. It has its own channel it wants to force me to go to. Example. I want to double play 714 and 66 today. It’s forcing me to another local instead. Either way it’s letting me watch one or the other and forcing me to watch pitch perfect. I...
  3. DetFan

    Dumb question probably

    Going to ask anyway. So can I run this off of one of the lines coming into the house? In other words. Dish outside. Two lines coming into the house. One living room, and one in the bedroom. Could I bring this splitter into the bedroom and run lines to other room from that? Not sure I...
  4. DetFan

    Wireless Genies

    So how many tuners are my wireless genies(2) and my video bridge using? I’m not quite sure how this works, but if it’s using too many tuners they’re going to have to go bye bye. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  5. DetFan

    Best OTA antenna

    I have a TiVo. Been trying to cut the cord and have had a good run. I decided to get cheaper and I love the TiVo. Problem is signal keeps changing. Wondering I just need a better antenna I'm well within distance and picture looks great, but still getting the stuttering
  6. DetFan

    Wireless Genie Setup

    Can anyone explain how I should set this up? I know the bridge and genie need to be connected. Does that I mean I need a splitter there as well?
  7. DetFan

    EI question

    How does this work on dish? I know on D* they have all games listed in the 700's. How do I find the games on Dish?
  8. DetFan

    Comcast service

    Hello all we bought a new home. We knew Comcast serviced the sub because the front part of it has it. We are in the newer back part and can't seem to get service. They scheduled an install for today and the guy came and said there is no box. Really? How does this happen? Sales sells,us, but...
  9. DetFan


    Brought my SMW 13 LNB etc etc. Everything works fine, but when I try to go to my old set up using two of these (image below) I cannot seem to get a signal to the 2nd one and I'm not sure why? Its the same set up I was using at my other house. Its a single line. any help?
  10. DetFan

    D* App

    What ever happened to streaming live out of the home. Wasn't that possible at one point? I can't seem to get it to work. Keeps telling me to get a genie Go. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. DetFan

    Some Expert Info Please

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong.. I currently have a single line SWM. The guy who set it up said this was fine if I wanted to add more receiver's later. I have the Genie, 3 Minis, and now 2 HR24's. The 2nd HR just activated, and I had all my channels, etc.etc. So now I am getting no...
  12. DetFan

    Wireless Genie Mini

    I know they have this 3 mini's on your account thing. If I added a wireless genie mini, would I have to remove one the mini's?
  13. DetFan

    Am I missing something?

    I can't get a single on demand channel to load. All I get is a message saying it isn't available. Anyone else?
  14. DetFan

    Enhanced DVR

    Anyone have any experience with it?
  15. DetFan

    Recording issue

    The last 3 nights I'm having a difficult time watching my tigers game recordings. I schedule them ahead of time so I can watch at night when I get time. That last 3 nights it just does nothing. It's like it isn't recording. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  16. DetFan

    Super Joey Problem

    I just spent an hour in chat and then they say its on our end as other subscribers are reporting the same thing. Basically I cannot use my tuners on the Super Joey. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just BS they are feeing me? I don't see how tuners not available has anything to with anything...
  17. DetFan

    Family Package

    I currently run this as another house. Is it possible to get Fox Sports Detroit if I added the Sports Pak?
  18. DetFan

    Season team record

    I love this option but it seems to only record what it wants not just your local channel. Any way to fix this? I mean sometimes it records both feeds or just the away feed which I can't view anyway. Just seems like this thing doesn't work right. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  19. DetFan

    Genie go

    Does this thing actually serves. Purpose or is it just junk? I thought it would work more like the hopper with built in sling. Where it prepared programs for my iPad etc etc. I get nothing but headaches with this thing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  20. DetFan

    SWM 8 question(s)

    Looking at getting one more HR34 problem is I want to keep all of these HR24's that I have. I already run 2 SWM 8's to = 16. that is not enough for the setup I want to run. Is it possible to add one more of those to my setup?