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    The End is near?

    Looking at Lyngsat launches for 2019-2021 I don't see a single satellite launch for North America replacement. Are our satellites doomed with no replacements when end of life comes? Just seems odd nothing going up for us. Satellites like Galaxy 25, AMC 8, Galaxy 16, all should be replaced soon.
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    Does anyone know if and where RFD-TV is FTA? Seems like I used to watch it from time to time, but maybe that was when it was ITC? Thanks.
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    AMC 18 heading west?

    I see on Lyngsat that AMC 18 is now heading West. Anyone know where it's going to be located? AMC 7 or AMC 8 slot?
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    Echostar 105W

    Looks like they lit up the new Echostar 105 bird? The barker channel now says Echostar 105W.
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    Where did SES-15 come from? It just showed up at 137W on Lyngsat. Is this a C-Band only and will it carry a signal load there? AMC-7 is dead right, but I didn't know they had plans for a replacement for that slot??
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    AMC-8 nothing?

    Lyngsat shows AMC-8 has a few channels. Used to get radio on this bird. Now nothing? Just wondering if I have trees in the way, or is there nothing on it now in the lower 48?
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    Prince's Satellite Dish

    Can you believe it. Prince's C-band satellite dish is for sale at his home and I would go get it in a heart beat....but my wife would not let me put that ugly thing in the yard or have it laying out back. Couldn't it be a nicer looking dish? Prince's Satellite Dish
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    AMC 21 Horizontal Occ. feeds

    Can anyone confirm the Occ. Horizontal feeds from PBS are much weaker than the full time Vertical feeds from PBS on AMC-21ku? I can hardly hold a solid lock on the Horizontal PBS ID screens. 90cm dish. Thanks.
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    Dead Satellites?

    Look at Lyngsat North America satellite list. I've never seen this many birds with no data before ever. Who's maintaining/paying for all those dead birds on the arc? That's crazy to think not that many years ago, every bird and most transponders were filled to capacity. Sad to see this hobby...
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    AMC-16 @ 85W

    Day (2) nothing on this bird. Not even the Echostar ID channel. Can someone please verify 85W. Nothing found on blind scan. Thanks.
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    AMC 6 C-Band

    I know AMC 6 used to be a duel band satellite, what happened to the c-band side? It's not even listed as a c/ku bird anymore on lyngsat.
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    Private message

    Can you send someone a private message in this forum? How can I do this please?
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    KRBK -Fox Feed

    Can someone check their KRBK - Fox feed on Galaxy 16. Been all broken up and can't lock it since yesterday. The other Fox feed on this satellite is solid. Anyone else?
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    Does anyone know if AMC-7 is going to be used at 135W? Is it going to be a spare? What happened to the Alaska Mux on this bird? Thanks.
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    a kinda funny dream

    I had a silly dream last night that someone in a control room somewhere was fooling around with SES-3(because it has no other use) and accidently bumped it into AMC-1 moving it around and they both went spinning out of control in opposite directions and they ended up loosing them both to...
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    SES-3 countdown ticker

    How could one start a countdown ticker for SES-3 from launch date to expected end of Life that counts down years, months, days, minutes, seconds of wasted SES-3's life as a in-orbit spare satellite. It would be nice to have this come up as a pop-up on these type of forums so someone that can...
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    Does the Amiko A3.........

    Keep an accurate time clock?
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    2 receivers with 1 backwards splitter

    Can someone explain what T134 has over on fridge(he is busy with the new A3). He says "you can hook (2) receivers to a splitter backwards and use them independently with a lnbf to view programming." How would that work and which one would be boss(so to say) and how would it work if both sent...
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    Low Freq. Splitter Works

    I'm waiting for my 950-2150mhz 2-way splitter to come via snail mail, I had a 2-way 5-1000mhz splitter sitting around with power passing so I thought I would try it on my satellite system. I didn't think it would, but it works just fine passing the 950-2150 signals through. Should these not...
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    Should Not Be A Dumb Question

    Ok looking in the specs of my owners manual from my Pansat 9500HDX I see that under LNB Power it says 14V/19V (400mA Max) Now looking at the specs of my DMS SG-2100 HH motor it says 350mA Max draw. Now connected to the output of my 2100 I have a Avenger PLL that draws 165mA. If I do the math...