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  1. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    yeah, the polk sub was a last minute decision. plan on purchasing a hsu vtf-1 or vtf-2 during tax time, along with matching center and surrounds in the icon-w set
  2. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    Awesome! Am very happy on this end
  3. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    Really am impressed with the speakers. Have had a little time to mess around with them. Cant believe the bass that comes from them and the finish is gorgeous. paired with a polk psw 505. soon to be with matching center and surrounds.
  4. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    yes, have read very good reviews. definitely would not have been a purchase 3 years ago considering klipsch has them on their website at 1199.00/ea. Thanks to newegg
  5. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    just pulled the trigger on new klipsch wf-34 icons that newegg has on basically a clearance. Just wondering if anyone owns or have heard these? Very excited considering coming from old 90's pioneer front speakers to this.
  6. ozzy1028

    Which Blackberry Should I Get?

    I really like the curve, very good phone. It does just about everything a phone can do at this point and right now they are free after rebates. Just dont go iphone. Not open source, at least if youre into that sort of thing.
  7. ozzy1028

    Netflix receiving delays

    No probs here. Put in the mail monday, tuesday send the next ones on the list, get wednesday
  8. ozzy1028

    Interesting Read!

    Came across this article. Thought it a very interesting read. Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence | War Is Crime
  9. ozzy1028

    Sirius/XM sound quality?

    Didnt see this posted anywhere else. Is it just me or did the sound quality drop significantly when the merger happened? I know it wasnt that great to begin with on the old sirius, but it now sounds like listening to "am" all over again.
  10. ozzy1028

    XM really knows how to kill a good thing!

    Exactly my feelings. The only channels I really like that they kept are classic rewind and classic vinyl. Liquid metal has a whole new feel and im not getting artist alerts nearly 1/2 as much as I used to with hard attack. Also miss the big 80's and 60's vibrations. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  11. ozzy1028

    Last & Next Movie Watched

    Last: The Dark Knight, and Sweeny Todd (both awesome) Next: Sleeping Beauty
  12. ozzy1028

    Last & Next Movie Watched

    Last: Step Brothers and Wall-E Next: Wanted and Hancock
  13. ozzy1028

    Last & Next Movie Watched

    Last : You dont mess with the Zohan (great movie) Next: Indiana Jones and The kingdom of the crystal skull
  14. ozzy1028

    Little Big Planet for the PS3

    Pretty cool little game. Picked mine up yesterday while pre ordering resistance 2. Seems like a limitless amount of things you can do
  15. ozzy1028


    Mario strikers charged, twilight princess, smash brothers are pretty cool. In all honesty im gonna trade all my wii stuff in for new ps3 games. nintendo has really let me down this time around. The quality of the games are lame and with games like little big planet, dead space, resistance 2...
  16. ozzy1028

    Last & Next Movie Watched

    last: what happens in vegas next:the bank job
  17. ozzy1028

    New hd medium

    Just came across this, thought it interesting 'Better than Blu' HD format coming from Sim2
  18. ozzy1028

    xp service pack 3

    Installed sp3, no problems. Well maybe one issue. After automatic updates installs the new internet explorer 7 and i go to open it, nothing happens. IE does not open. So went and uninstalled IE 7 and reinstalled IE 6 and it works fine. Dont know whats up with that.
  19. ozzy1028

    Sirius Radio FM Transmitter Optimization

    I storngly recomend an fm direct adapter especially if you dont want to change channels while driving.. Just dont buy it at best buy or circuit city because they cahrge up the butt for one. Get one at radio shack for 20.00 bucks.
  20. ozzy1028

    Last & Next HD DVD Watched

    last: Freedom Writers Next: Breach