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  1. harshness

    The CableCARD experiment is over

    While it hasn't yet made much of a splash, it appears that the FCC has finally given up CableCARD as a failed experiment. This perhaps doesn't bode well for TiVotees and fans of the HDHomerun Prime as the FCC...
  2. harshness

    Big cookie or header error

    Today I've been getting a 400 error when using my usual browser (Firefox) about "Request header or cookie too large". The offending cookie doesn't appear to be one from or as if I clear all of those, the problem remains. Does anyone have any insight as...
  3. harshness

    Notification e-mails are missing the synopsis

    Has anyone else noticed that the synopses are missing from the notification e-mails? Normally the e-mail has the thread title (that doubles as a link to the post) followed by the text of the post and a thread link button. Now the thread title is followed immediately by the thread button.
  4. harshness

    Threads updated since last visit

    Anybody seeing that the bar isn't moving? I've been on three times today and it is still showing threads last posted to yesterday above the line.
  5. harshness

    I've received some of these recently

    If this is one of the advertisers pushed here, maybe they need to be spanked.
  6. harshness

    Repack phase assignment by callsign?

    I've figured out a roundabout way of doing it, but I think it would be handy to have a query that allows the user to find out what phase a particular station is scheduled to be part of based on the callsign. If such a query already exists, perhaps it could be made more prominent/obvious. My...
  7. harshness

    <$300 UltraHD Blu-ray player

    For those who don't want to suffer the Microsoft Xbox S baggage, Costco is offering the Samsung UBD-KM8500 for $299.99.
  8. harshness HTML infection?

    Avast for Business is indicating some sort of HTML malware (Iframe-inf) from one of the ad sites. The full URI is:
  9. harshness

    DVR patent wars reheated?

    Rovi has brought a lawsuit against Comcast regarding 14 unlicensed technologies used in the X1 DVR. As industry followers have come to expect, the suit was filed in East Texas. Issues include remote scheduling of recordings, AnyRoom DVR and X1 Search. Rovi is also in negotiation with DISH and...
  10. harshness

    Anyone recognize this DISH box?

    I was banging around on the Echostar site today and saw this:
  11. harshness

    Format [*] on OTA channels?

    Like a thread from July 2013 but the opposite problem. My SD OTA channels are zoomed and scrolling through the formats has no effect. The top and bottom are whacked and the image fills the screen horizontally. DISH Chat went on and on about the Hopper needing to be told what resolution to...
  12. harshness

    White Space Reduction Act Of 2014

    I'd like to see the amount of blank space significantly reduced. Having a mini multi-line biography and a large avatar to the left of everyone's post seems like a considerable waste of real estate.
  13. harshness

    I was going to check the latest Slingplayer update this afternoon and found that reroutes to The page located there announces the change. is now the new DISH Online
  14. harshness

    DIRECTV Q2 10 results today

    DIRECTV, Inc. - DIRECTV Announces Second Quarter 2010 Results Be sure to distinguish between DIRECTV and DIRECTV LA.
  15. harshness

    DISHOnline testing legit?

    I just received an e-mail asking for a DISH Network account number from a address. This seems rather suspicious though I did sign up for a DISHOnline beta test. Does anyone know whether or not this is legitimate?:confused:
  16. harshness

    Heroes HD-DVD

    Does anyone have the Heroes Season One HD-DVD? Amazon is selling it for about $64, but I was wondering if it was worth the price over the DVD version.
  17. harshness

    Target patent on Blu-ray technology

    Sony is being pursued over the alloys used in the construction of Blu-ray discs. More here