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  1. Rixos

    Tmobile weekend promo! Magenta Friday

    This is a great deal and starting tomorrow!!! UPDATE 2: T-Mobile has clarified its clarification, saying that now anyone can activate on a Simple Choice plan and get two lines free, including new customers. UPDATE: T-Mobile has clarified that the Magenta Friday offer of two lines free also...
  2. Rixos

    Hopper 3 youtube app problem.

    Anyone else having problem with the new youtube app? It worked for a day or two than stopped working. When you click on the app or tune to channel 371, it shows youtube starting or loading screen for couple seconds then it switches back to a regular tv channel. I tried to restart the receiver...
  3. Rixos

    Joey4k and netflix???

    Seriously what happened? First it was giving time then coming soon but it has been months and no netflix still. What is the meaning of coming soon? A year? Two? Anybody have any updates? And yes like many i have netflix on my tv but this was advertised and it is easier for wife and me to use.
  4. Rixos

    Tmobile Tuesday thank you program is on!

    Un-carrier Customers #GetThanked with T-Mobile Stock, T-Mobile Tuesdays & More… June 06, 2016 Un-carrier Customers #GetThanked with T-Mobile Stock, T-Mobile Tuesdays & More… Un-carrier 11, a history-making move dedicated exclusively to saying “thank you” to customers, offers T-Mobile customers...
  5. Rixos

    Amazon Internal Policy Update (no more price adjustment refunds)

    Yesterday i ordered a sensor from amazon for $59.99 sold and shipped by amazon and picked free sameday shipping. In two hours when i went back to check the price, new price was $50.99. I didn't worry since amazon always refund me the difference in the past as long as you call or email or chat...
  6. Rixos

    U454 for 4k joey is out!

    And netflix is still not working. Got the uodate last night. No more date when you click on netflix app just coming soon.
  7. Rixos

    Can't transfer some of the recordings to external harddrive!

    Just ordered my h3 and installation is tommorrow. And like many of us, i am trying to transfer my recordings to external harddrive but for some reason I can't transfer like 14 recordings which are ptat recordings. Is there a way to transfer them? I tried to turn off ptat but did not work. Thank...