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  1. lefatman

    Regional Sports Package

    When I had DTV previously, I could watch games on YES and NESN with no problem. No I get the message Not Subscribed when the games come on. Has something changed ? Got no good feedback from Tech support.
  2. lefatman

    Officially Gone

    Turned in my receivers yesterday.When I got home, I had an email saying I owed them .73. Don't think it is worth writing and mailing a check for that amount. I'll have to wait and see what they do.
  3. lefatman

    MLB Extra Innings on Xfinity

    Just switched to Xfinity after many year with Directv. Did not like that Extra Innings wasn't in 1080. After a little checking, I found out I just had to voice command "Play MLB Extra Innings Beta". Problem solved.;
  4. lefatman

    Just said Goodbye.

    After being a customer since 2001, I just got off the phone with Directv and will be free of them after May 9. It has been a long run and not without some ups and downs, but I guess I can live without Sunday Ticket. I'll find out in September.
  5. lefatman

    Just another lie !

    Several weeks ago, I posted that I could just move a receiver from my MD address to an address in DE for the 5 months that we would have between taking ownership and our permanent move. Just got off the phone with a CSR and was told that is not the case. I would have to set up a second account...
  6. lefatman

    2 locations for 5 months

    I recently purchased a home that will serve as a summer home until my wife retires in August. After talking to a CSR today, I was assured that it would not be a problem to simply add a receiver for those 5 months to my present account. Since I will be using one of my existing TVs, there would be...
  7. lefatman

    Channel 720 troubles again.

    I can not get the blue box to appear on channel 720 on either of my genie receivers. Therefore I can not listen to the game that I want. CSR was of little help. Any suggestions ? the main receiver works fine.
  8. lefatman

    VPN question

    I think I know the answer but will turn to those who are much more savy then me.I believe that if I install a VPN service in my router it will not effect my local channels on DTV as they are satellite based and no IP based. Please correct me if I am wrong as I want to do the VPN.
  9. lefatman

    What equipment do you need for 4K ?

    There are some very good deals right now on 4K Roku ready tvs. What equipment or dish changes would I have to make if I purchased one ?
  10. lefatman

    Freezing problem on 720

    The last update last week has caused some problems for me. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing the same things. First, I had to reset my box, as everything was only coming in at 480. Since then, I am getting a short freeze in about 10 minute intervals while watching 720. This is the only...
  11. lefatman

    Transfer to new laptop

    I recently obtained a Toshiba laptop from my MIL. We transferred all the data from my old ASUS to an external drive,wiped Windows 8.1 from the Toshiba and loaded Windows 10. It seems to be working fine, but it will not allow Office without a key being entered. I have no idea what the key is. Is...
  12. lefatman


    Does anyone have a fix for this ? I have tried the repair that Microsoft suggests and the restore libraries does not work.
  13. lefatman

    Ravens fans shut out off Sunday's game

    One again DTV's refusal to include frequently shared locals comes back to bite Ravens fans in Central and Western Maryland from seeing their favorite team. We must take only the DC stations and the game is only being broadcast to those with Baltimore stations. I live closer to Baltimore then DC...
  14. lefatman

    MLB Extra Innings Channel 720

    I have 3 TVs. On 2 of them, I can move the blue box to get audio on Channel 720. The one in the bar room ,which we use the most, does not show the blue outline around any of the boxes and thus I can not move to select which audio to listen to. It was working great last night until it when it...
  15. lefatman

    Carolina Shag now only streaming.

    It appears that the great programmers in the sky have dropped Carolina Shag from everything but streaming. I just turned down a deal on a new car because it didn't have SiriusXM. Might have to reconsider. Very bad decision on their part in my opinion.
  16. lefatman

    Extra Innings

    What a bunch of bull that MLB Extra Innings is not available. Called customer service and they have no clue. Thinking seriously about dropping DTV again and this will be the final straw.Love the programming, but hate the fact that they have no idea what to do when a problem crops up. 4 hours and...
  17. lefatman

    FLO Wrestling

    Stay away from Flo Wrestling. They do not deliver what they promise and yesterday , with the biggest dual meet of the season scheduled, their system completely crashed and died.They are way in over their heads and will probably be gone soon. I am sure there are going to be some legal proceedings...
  18. lefatman

    How easy is genie set up.

    I am receiving a genie and 2 mini genies today. They told me it was easy enough to do it myself without sending a tech. Just wondering how hard it will be. All advice is appreciated.
  19. lefatman

    PAC-12 joins Slingtv

    Sling just announced that they were adding the PAC-12 Network to the Sports Extra package. Good news for disgruntled Directv customers.
  20. lefatman

    Selecting sound on 720

    Is anyone else having trouble choosing which box to have the audio on on 720 ? The blue box does not appear and you can't switch boxes. I had the same trouble last night. The only way I have found to fix it is to reboot the receiver. Suggestions please.