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  1. JerryDowning

    EHD Folders

    Is it possible to create folders on an EHD? My wife has a number of different folders on the internal drive and we are getting low on disc space. I would like to move folders and recordings to an EHD but I don't know how to do it. Help!
  2. JerryDowning

    New EHD Problem

    I have installed a third EHD and when I transfer recordings to the new drive, I get errors. The Hopper will let me transfer from any EHD to the Hopper with no problems but if I try to transfer a recording from the Hopper to an EHD it will not allow it if the recording was previously on another...
  3. JerryDowning

    I want to add an EHD

    I would like to add one or more EHDs. I see that Dish requires that they be externally powered. The only drives that are available at my place of purchase are not externally powered. I am wondering if I can plug these drives into a powered 8 port adaptor and have them work. Is the still a limit...
  4. JerryDowning

    Hopper 3 External Drives

    I have a few questions about attaching external drives to my Hopper 3. 1.) What is the largest drive that I can use? 2.) How many drives can be used at the same time? 3.) Can I use folders on EHDs? 4.) What RAID types, if any, can I use? My wife would not be happy if a drive failure blew away...
  5. JerryDowning

    CBS Blue Bloods

    Was "Blue Bloods" new tonight? for some reason it did not record along with other shows and the late news.
  6. JerryDowning

    Web Browsers

    What is the preferred browser for Satellite Guys? Firefox, Edge or something else?
  7. JerryDowning


    Why does Game Finder tell me that the game between the Red Sox And the Astros is unavailable to watch when I am watching it on MLBN Channel 152?
  8. JerryDowning

    New Remotes

    We have just bought new remotes for one Hopper and one Joey due to the existing ones wearing out. I know that there is a way to copy timers to the remotes so that if the Hopper dies, you can restore the times to the replacement Hopper. We have the newest software and I am not sure how to copy...
  9. JerryDowning

    Two Hoppers

    We have two Hoppers and two Joeys. I would like to replace one of the Joeys with a Super Joey. When I contacted Dish, they told me that this can't be done. Is there a good reason for this or were they just giving me a line.
  10. JerryDowning

    Dish Anywhere

    Can I use any Hopper to get Dish Anywhere or do I need a Hopper with Sling or a Hopper 3?
  11. JerryDowning

    EHD Question

    I have noticed that recordings which were recently moved to my EHD show only a blank screen and will not play. Shows which were recorded earlier play back just fine. Recently recorded shows CAN be transferred from my EHD to the internal drive and will play back OK. Is this a new feature (bug) or...
  12. JerryDowning

    Bluetooth Headset

    I received a Bluetooth headset for Christmas and discovered that the sound is slightly ahead of the TV sound. Is there a way adjust this and make it right?
  13. JerryDowning

    Recording on other Hopper

    I just attempted to record a show when all my tuners were busy. When I did this in the past, it told me of a conflict and that I could not record anything else. Today I received a message asking me if I wanted to to record the show on my other Hopper. I never saw this before. Is this a new...
  14. JerryDowning

    Chicago Channel 7

    The grid for channel 7 in Chicago shows "To Be Announced" for the afternoon. Shows are not recording. Jeopardy shows that it won't record. You do not want to be around my wife when her soap opera does not record. What is going on with channel 7?
  15. JerryDowning

    Momentary Breakups

    The shows on CBS ran about 40 minutes behind today due to NCAA basketball. We recorded "60 Minutes","The Amazing Race", "The Good Wife", and "The Mentalist". With the latest Hopper Software, there is some overlap between shows. When we watched each show, it eventually cut off about 20 minutes...
  16. JerryDowning

    Modem Upgrade

    I have a Linksys DOCSIS 2.0 modem and I am using the Comcast Performance tier. Comcast has been bugging me to upgrade my modem to DOCSIS 3.0. Every thing is working fine right now and I don't want to rock the boat. Is there anything to be gained by replacing my modem now or should I wait until...
  17. JerryDowning

    General Hospital

    My wife's soap opera was 45 minutes of "Ellen" and 15 minutes of "General Hospital" They're not even on the same network. How did it happen and has anyone else experienced this?
  18. JerryDowning

    Autohop not working on NBC

    The Autohop on my DVR has quit working on NBC. Has anyone else noticed this.
  19. JerryDowning


    For economic reasons, I recently downgraded from AEP to Dish 120+. My wife was upset that ESPN remained but Soapnet and The Cooking Channel went away. I have since upgraded to Dish 250 to get them back. I cannot understand why ESPN is on a low tier package but Soapnet is not. I thought ESPN cost...
  20. JerryDowning

    My link no longer works

    Have there been any changes to your address for "The DISH Forum"? My link no longer works.