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  1. camo

    FuboTV 5-day trial

    Great time of the year for the 5-day trial. Today all the NFL Saturday games are exclusively on NFL Network. Noticed FUBO has no CBS or even ESPN channels but does have a few YTTV doesn't offer like NFL Network, Pac12 Network, and History channel. I won't keep it but may try again next season...
  2. camo

    Amazon Prime offers MLBTV now

    This started in March 2019, I'm going to try the 7-day free trial. I'm not seeing the ability to watch recorded or non-live games and not sure if the Amazon subscription includes MLBTV access outside of Prime Video. If anyone has more information please post. The reason I want to try is LG no...
  3. camo

    Memorial Day

    Wish our country understood what our brave soldiers have done and showed more appreciation... Its really sad. Put yourself in the position to defend our country and think the nation doesn't give a sh*t. It's really sad what our real hero's and warriors have done and get little recognition...
  4. camo

    Centurylink blocking Netflix?

    Process of switching ISP from cable over to DSL centurylink and first thing I noticed while testing service, nothing will load beyond 24% while using Netflix unless hide IP address using VPN service, then everything loads and plays normally. Is this a know issue? I searched a little on google...
  5. camo

    Dish Anywhere App keeps losing authorization

    I have it installed on 2 different FireTv boxes and almost weekly I'm having to reauthorize by going online again. (Very inconvenient) Anyone else having this issue? I've never needed to do this with in other services just Dish. Its getting old after 3 months of this looking at giving PSVUE...
  6. camo

    Once Upon the Time in the West

    Yes its been around long time just watched again. Its best western movie ever excluding the western series Lonesome Dove nothing touches. Best line: Jason Robards You know Jill you remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Alameda and finest woman that ever lived. Whoever my father...
  7. camo

    Malwarebytes memory usage lockup

    They did a update last night that renders some computers useless. I just spent 2 hours on friends Win10 computer trying to uninstall. Memory usage was so bad locked computer to unusable. Ended up going into safe mode to uninstall. I was able to remove on windows 7 machine that had enough...
  8. camo

    DISH HD Cinema vs VOD 1080p HD

    I've never rented before because I've always felt rentals were overpriced but was thinking of watching 1 time tonight only DunKirk with friends. What's the difference here besides the VOD is $1 more? All say HD but only a few VOD say 1080P. Can you pre record these to hard drive for later...
  9. camo

    mediacom Dish dispute

    Noticed mediacom kttw fox out of Sioux Falls was off today. The only network TV I watch is occasional football game, this cheap station doesn't even have a local newscast and they want more money. I say Sayonara & don't let the door hit you.....
  10. camo

    Amazon scraps bundled video service

    Exclusive: Amazon scraps bundled video service - sources
  11. camo

    Verizon bait and switch

    Big change from what Verizon announced in February, when it surprised just about everyone by bringing back unlimited data. Verizon's always-on throttling is an affront to customers and net neutrality
  12. camo

    Dish offered lockin 24 commitment with owned equipment

    Logged into account this morning and saw 2 year commitment offer even with owned equipment with additional $480 savings so took it based on love of Hopper3 with 16 tuners. The addition of AHC recently in HD played a big role in taking commitment plus having Redzone, Pac12 network both...
  13. camo

    Hopper 3, Track and Field won't record all episodes

    I've noticed a few things on H3. The IAAF series NBCSN and main NBC network on weekends has no option for recording all events or series. Something else odd is GOT new episodes Sunday night at 8 won't record either thinking it's previously recorded.
  14. camo

    AHC now in HD

    Sorry if already posted. So excited and worth upgrade to 250 package for me. Now if we could only get MavTV back in HD. :biggrin
  15. camo

    2 channels added to Top 200 package

    Email received from Dish today: We have added two top channels to your America’s Top 200 Package, at no additional cost to you! Nat Geo WILD, FOX Sports 2.
  16. camo

    PSVUE HBO® MAX® Pack

    Added the combo package to see what I thought. Cost is $22 month and includes HBO Now which is nice for full resolution shows and watching series from start. I tested HBO NOW last week to see if newly released shows appeared same time as live HBO and it does. Final episode 'Big Liitle Lies'...
  17. camo

    LIVE PD on A&E

    Just discovered today, guess they do a new live feed every Friday 9 eastern. Showing last weeks reruns all afternoon. Entertaining and something different.
  18. camo

    FireTV coming out of sleep mode at night

    Been noticing my TV has been on every morning recently even though we put FireTV in sleep mode at night and turn TV off. Looks like FireTv is waking at night and this turns TV on. Anyone else seeing this? I guess the only fix will be disconnecting HDMI TV input at night.
  19. camo


    For those streaming this year, using X-ray on FireTv the Fox Sports & Root Sports feeds are 1280x720 at 60 FPS. World baseball classic also 1280x720 60 fps. Watching the Dback game on Fox Sports and it doesn't look that great distant cameras especially. Fox stations have always looked bad IMO...
  20. camo

    Program guide is messed up on Fox News. Megan Kelly is back

    Tucker Carlson who I record nightly was in 6pm slot and the no longer Kelly File works at NBC now is in 8pm central time slot. Called Dish to let them know, thinking I somehow received old guide and tech said that's what he shows also. This is the first day guide has been off I checked last...