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  1. William1

    AM21 Repair

    As many know, you can no longer purchase a AM21. I have one of these and over time, it was less and less adapt at pulling OTA, the signal strength slowly got worse and worse. I am no electronics tech, but I can identify visually some failed or failing components.Bad fuse, burnt resistor...
  2. William1

    Install of a SWM-8

    Finally decided to get a HD-DVR. DTV is sending one for only the 'handling fee' of $19.96, cool. Told the rep I have a three story house, running a new line to the living room was a nightmare and asked if they would be sure to include a SWM. The rep could neither confirm or deny I would get one...
  3. William1

    Slimline HD Dish Upgrade Story

    First real post for everyone. Thought Id share the rials and tribulations I encounterd having the dish upgrade done. I live in Virginia. Back in the beginning of August, I contacted DTV for the new dish. Earliest appt. I could get was for 9/24! Ok, I accepted the fact there might be thousands...