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  1. Carolyn

    What's for dinner ?

    Do not come around my lake!! :D
  2. Carolyn

    Food You Don't or Won't Usually Eat

    Liver, spam and nothing that sounds like body parts. No squid either....gack. :no The frog legs need to stay on the frog....just eat chicken. :up
  3. Carolyn

    fried bologna sandwich

    Good dad showed me how took cook this at 5 years old....still make good ;)
  4. Carolyn

    Least Favorite Condiment?

    Grey Poupon nasty too!!! Tastes like kerosene.
  5. Carolyn

    Least Favorite Condiment?

    Here 3 :rant::)
  6. Carolyn

    Whats for breakfast?

    Hey that is what we had for breakfast...hmmm :) That was not my choice though for breakfast, but once in a blue moon it is good!
  7. Carolyn

    What's for dinner ?

    We have tried all but the ranch...will do next time....thanks for the tip. Sounds yummy!!! :)
  8. Carolyn

    Penrose Hot Sausage

    :eek:Yeah and his mom buys buttermilk every week to boot!!! SOS