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  1. Carolyn

    Memorial Day

    My father and Frank's father served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Bless all of our soldiers and their families.......
  2. Carolyn

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

    Happy St. Patty's Night to all.....we always do green Jell-o shooters---so Cheers :D
  3. Carolyn

    Pernell Roberts, Star of TV's Bonanza, Trapper John M.D., Passes

    That is sad Booooonanza:). The only one left now is "Candy" David Canary. He is getting on up there too. He is still around on "All My Children". But the original cast has all passed on.
  4. Carolyn

    I Still Love This Commercial

    I have never seen the Filet-O-Fish jingle commercial Scott...and now it is stuck in my head. :D
  5. Carolyn

    Brittany murphy dies

    Wow and omg, now wonder she had a heart attack. Too much medications again...some doctors need a spanking!!! :mad: The taker has paid the price :(
  6. Carolyn

    Love this..especially for cat people!

    The things our cat's must feel? :confused: The looks they give us sometimes is mind boggling. :shocked Good one SatGal....;):) I also like the way that Casper quills when he sees a bird outside.
  7. Carolyn

    Potty Training

    That is hilarious...she is a big girl now. Hurray for Pooh!!! Another one that comes to mind is my niece kept saying"I gotta Poo" iimmediately we would escort her to potty...nothing. Again "I gotta Poo"...nothing. In the store everywhere "I gotta Pooh". Then we figured out want she...
  8. Carolyn

    Potty Training

    Good Luck with the not know if this will help or not but while training my niece, we put the little potty by the big potty and told her that she had her very own "Big Girl" toilet now. At first she was reluctant but by the 2nd day we could not keep her off the thing. Everytime she...
  9. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday TigerProwler

    Oh wow he did great. Congrats on the new laptop and dryer. Nice to know you had a good birthday and anniversary. I guess HiFi gets his pooter back full time now? I have a laptop 2 it. Make sure you keep cleaning the cookies or it will definitely hang you up. Good Job HiFi!!!! ;):up:)
  10. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday TigerProwler

    another oops thread...sorry TP did not see in pub, I did see bdays for the day in there but not your very own. ;):up Keep celebrating :)
  11. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday TigerProwler

    Happy Birthday to you and many your anniversary and HiFi's birthday are altogether there. :);):bday@partyCheers!!!
  12. Carolyn

    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Welcome Aboard :):hatsoff:
  13. Carolyn

    Happy anniversary Tiger & Hifi!

    Just found this.....Happy Anniversary 3 days later HiFi and TigerProwler!!! :up:luvlove::heart:bow@party
  14. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday to my wife!

    Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Paul....just found this post!!! :bday@party:waveA two day after birthday greeting...:D
  15. Carolyn

    Shamwow crime scene pics

    Guess she did not like his nuts? He says that on his commercial.....:rolleyes:
  16. Carolyn

    Michael Jackson Memorial Feed

    lol I agree the nerve :D
  17. Carolyn

    Three's Company' star cited for drunken driving

    at 2am(last call) :D
  18. Carolyn

    Wrong Lyrics

    Stevie Nicks-"Edge of Seventeen" "Just like a one winged dove"? A white winged dove changes the whole song meaning...
  19. Carolyn

    Wrong Lyrics

    Have you ever been stuck with someone singing and they have the words all wrong? Here is one that I get stuck on "One smell of loco lee dust rising up through the air'. Please name more:)
  20. Carolyn

    Laughing baby, makes you laugh

    2 sweet but the poor baby kept knocking his noggin!!!:D:(