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  1. Balock

    Father's DTV contract renewed unknowingly during receiver replacement. Best options?

    Hello fellow SatGuys! Been a long time since I've been on the site... My elderly father recently had an issue with his DTV receiver (a Genie of some sort, I haven't paid close attention...he just calls it his "tower") on a Friday a few weeks ago. The offshore phone support determined that the...
  2. Balock

    Escape Network Coming to Little Rock Market Sep 1

    KLRT (FOX16) is adding the women's oriented network Escape to their signal on 16-2 beginning September 1.
  3. Balock

    Nice FM BCast Band Opening Tonight in Central Arkansas

    Using my SDRPlay receiver and SDR#, showing a 6MHz-wide slice of the FM broadcast band. Wish I had my 6M equipment up and running :(
  4. Balock

    Sat dish snow and ice removal? No problem!

    The manual super soaker delivery method would work ok for most of us here in the more southern areas of the country, but an automated high-capacity method (i.e. pump, hoses and tanks) may be necessary for you Yankees. :biggrin Image courtesy of!
  5. Balock

    Western Arc problems this afternoon?

    Are any of you western arc subscribers having problems with your signal this afternoon? I have a "Complete Loss of Signal" screen 015a with the code 31-11-45 on both of my VIP receivers here in central appreciable weather and have been through the trouble-shooting steps with no...
  6. Balock

    Interesting SDR screencaps

    Thought I'd start a thread to showcase, so to speak, interesting things those of us playing around with SDR see and/or hear. Here's one to start it off with: This is a screencap this evening from HDSDR and my RTL-SDR dongle centered around 433.5MHz. On the right-hand side of the screen you...
  7. Balock

    GEOSATpro microHD and multiple Diseqc switches - how to?

    For whatever reason, my ECODA 22kHz switch (which fed two separate 4x1 diseqc switches) quit passing the 18V necessary to receive horizontal polarity signals. I verified this today by taking it in and out of the path directly to a single LNBF after also discovering a bad piece of coax in my...
  8. Balock

    GEOSATpro microHD: MFEBL (My First Endless Boot Loop)

    My microHD went into an endless boot loop this morning, apparently caused by the same/similar events as described in this thread. In my case: I re-positioned an LNBF (SL1PLL) on my T55 antenna from 103W to 101W this morning and successfully scanned in the Pentagon Channel and a few others with...
  9. Balock

    522 Software L4.11 Issues?

    My 522 dvr recently (just a few days ago) received the version L4.11 software update. Previous to this it was running version L2.98. I've not gone through all the menus, etc., to find any new features, but have seen the new "Original Air Date" and Episode data in the Info screen. That much...