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  1. Jamey K

    Wireless Headphones With No Delat

    About one night a week, I never fall asleep. I have to be at work by 5:30am, so sometimes, I just sit here and play video Solitare. I've decided I'm going to watch TV so I need a pair of wireless headphones. In reading reviews, I'm come across a delay issue with some sets. If I'm already not...
  2. Jamey K

    Blu Ray & SACD Question

    I'm sitting here thinking I need to replace my Panny BD65 with a BR player than will pass SACD as well. Got my eye on an Oppo...but... My receiver does not have the multiple analog connections. So, will SACD pass through toslink? I want to hear 5.1 SACD's...and if I'm going to do this...
  3. Jamey K

    VHS To Hard Drive Help

    I like what I'm seeing with Apple TV and it looks to be the place I want to store my video library, especially my VHS stuff. So, I need to rip the VHS to my computer's external hard drive and that is either XP or Vista in my house. I've been seeing some cables like this: Sabrent...
  4. Jamey K

    Deadliest Catch 2011

    DC returns Tuesday April 12. From the website: "The dark clouds and long shadow of their father's death still hang heavy on sons Josh and Jake Harris but now they need to show the rest of the fleet that they can come back and step it up as co-owners of the Cornelia Marie. After briefly...
  5. Jamey K

    D* Wireless Adapter

    For the life of me, I can't how much the wireless adapter from D* costs. I've looked all over the web site and I can't find it. My router is far away from my receiver and I might want to get one of these but I certainly need to know, how much it costs! Darn fine installation video though. :)
  6. Jamey K

    Sig, Hillstrand Brothers Quit DC

    Deadliest Catch Captains, Including Sig, Quit the Show Over Lawsuit E! Online
  7. Jamey K

    DC Hillstands Sued By Discovery Network

    Deadliest Catch Stars Sued By The It's Perez Hilton but he's usually right.
  8. Jamey K

    Captain Phil's Sons Will Continue

    Captain Phil Harris' sons will carry on for 'Deadliest Catch'Gather
  9. Jamey K

    Fan Site Forced Off

    Discovery Channel Forcing Deadliest Catch Fan Site Offline; Claims Embedding Official Videos Infringes tech dirt
  10. Jamey K

    DC Finale ..Happy Ending

    DC Season Finale Recap: A Happy Ending Pop Watch
  11. Jamey K

    Captain Phil's Final Moments

    Phil Harris' final moments on 'Deadliest Catch LA Times
  12. Jamey K

    Panny DMP-BD65

    Does anyone (besides me) have one of these? I'm having an Internet connection issue.
  13. Jamey K

    In Harmony 880 Hell

    I got a new TV this weekend, and added to the Device section and, I'm sorry I did. My TV will not go to the settings. (Keeps wanting to move from HDMI 1 to HDMI 3) And my receiver will change to correct input...even in Help mode. So, I'm in HELP mode. HELP.
  14. Jamey K

    Captain Phil

    Tell the story of Capt. Phil's deathSeattle pi
  15. Jamey K

    DC: Sea Of Chaos Game

    Crave Announces the Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos GamePK360 Control
  16. Jamey K

    No Crab For Kiwi's

    Fancy a feed of fancy crab? Sorry, there's a catch ... well, no catchNZ Herald
  17. Jamey K

    After The Catch Season Four

    Discovery to debut 'Deadliest Catch's 'After the Catch' spinoff June 15 Reality TV World
  18. Jamey K

    Captain Keith Talks BP Spill

    Deadliest Catch' captain speaks out on Gulf oil disasterNew
  19. Jamey K

    DC Marathon This Weekend

    Over the weekend, you can see how The Deadliest Catch began with Season 1's "America's Deadliest Season."
  20. Jamey K

    Mike Rowe Q & A

    Old interview