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  1. bb83

    Multi - Swap: Why Is This Not Bigger News.

    I am surprised there is not more attention on this new feature. This adds the ability to use the swap / multi-swap from a Super Joey. Both viewers can now use swap. Before only the hopper viewer had this ability. With an OTA module you can have 3 turners on each using multi-swap or 2 going on...
  2. bb83

    New Apps: Bracket View and Multi-Channel View on hopper today

    Checked the apps this morning, Bracket View and Multi-Channel View are available on the hopper. 6 channels on the multi-channel
  3. bb83

    HR 34 Double Play

    Is there a way to pick what turners are on double play? If I am recording on 1,2, and 3, can I double play on 4 and 5. How do you switch the turners you are double playing on?
  4. bb83

    2 Hopper 1 Joey just installed

    The installer and manager just left. The manager had to bring the Duo node. The install went from about 10:00 to 2:30. He had to install a dish, 2 Hoppers, 1 Joey and the HIC. The rooms were already wired with RG 6. They were not marked, but all is working.They did need to reset the Hoppers to...