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  1. sundude90

    Only seeing 3 Tuners on H w/ Sling & Super Joey setup

    We had a Hopper w/ Sling with Joey 1 and had recording conflicts often, so we upgraded to a Super Joey as Dish said that would give us another 2 Tuners. When the Tech was here my mom saw on the TV Activity Page that is showed 5 Tuners on the Supper Joey, but now it's shows 2 Tuners. What...
  2. sundude90

    Backup from Hopper W/ Sling to Hopper 3

    I just upgraded to the Hopper 3 and noticed in one of the menus (diagnostics, tools) that there is options to restore recordings from another hopper and restore settings from another hopper. Does anyone know if these features work? Like could I have copied my recordings from my Hopper w/ sling...
  3. sundude90

    Dish System Maintenance happening till 11am!

    Just saw this on the Dish Network Facebook Page. "In an effort to continually upgrade and improve our service, we have scheduled system maintenance tonight. During this time, our customer service centers, automated phone system, website, and online streaming content are unavailable. Please...
  4. sundude90

    Versus Satellite

    What satellite does the Versus Channel come from? Both SD & HD if dish has this one in HD Please. Anybody know the same info about what Satellite they come from on Directv? Thanks, Josh
  5. sundude90

    Versus Satellite

    What satellite does the Versus Channel come from? Both the HD And SD Please. Anybody know the same info about what Satellite they come from on DISH Network? Thanks, Josh
  6. sundude90

    SATA Hard Drive for R22 Capacity

    I am looking into getting a SATA External Hard Drive for my Directv R22-100. Is there a maximum size External Hard Drive my receiver will support. Anybody have any suggestions on what brand to buy or any suggestions. Thanks
  7. sundude90

    Iphone App V 1.1.4 is Now Available

    The DIRECTV App for iPhone & Ipod Touch Version 1.1.4 is now available in the App Store. If you already have the iPhone App , you should get a prompt about this update. In this Release: - Fixes & improvements to reported issues - New Feature: Hide SD Duplicates
  8. sundude90

    OTH Sneakpeaks

    This thread is devoted to One Tree Hill Sneakpeaks. This is the place where you can write about things coming up without giving everything away. Please do NOT post spoilers in here, as we don't want to ruin the fun of actually watching the show.
  9. sundude90

    General OTH Chit Chat

    This thread is for general talk about One Tree Hill. Please do not post spoilers in here!
  10. sundude90


    Hey, Welcome to the One tree Hill Fan Forum. Here, you will be able to post & find all of the current happenings of One Tree Hill. I will also be posting updates and information when I can. Please remember that plagiarizing is not allowed and any posts doing so will be deleted. Please stop...
  11. sundude90

    CSPAN 2 Channel Changes

    FYI in case u didn't already know or this wasn't already posted. Beginning Tomorrow(Wed April 8th) CSPAN 2 will change from Ch. 212 to Ch. 211.
  12. sundude90

    Earth Hour Tonight

    I just remembered that tonight at 8:30pm to 9:30pm is Earth Hour. I have seen a lot about this on the news. I have heard the is going dark for that hour. The lights on the JFK sign are going out. The lights are even going out on the Las Vegas Strip. I was was wondering if we could...
  13. sundude90

    Ion West

    I just noticed 347- Ion West on my guide. Is this a new channel? Thanks
  14. sundude90

    2 New XM Channels on Directv

    Directv has added Channel 845-The Strobe which is a classic disco and a dance music channel and Channel 846-Backspin which is old school rap and hip-hop.
  15. sundude90

    MPEG 2 Shutoffs Today

    The following channels have had there MPEG 2 Version shut off this morning as of 6am EST: Showtime, Universal HD & HDNet Movies on Channels 71, 74 and 78. You will need the latest HD Receivers and KAKU dish to view the MPEG 4 Format of those channels.
  16. sundude90

    HD Lineup Info Channel 77

    I don't understand the information on Channel 77 that talks about new satellites for Showtime HD, HDNet Movies, Universal HD. Could someone please explain this to me? Thanks,
  17. sundude90

    Iphone App for Directv

    I was looking at the App's for my Iphone/ Ipod and I found a couple for TIVO Reivevers, but didn't see anything for Directv Receivers like R22 or HR2x. I was wondering if there was an app to control my R22 or to watch programs on my Iphone from my R22/HR2x? If there isn't i think that...
  18. sundude90

    Will VOIP Phone Service work with Recievers

    Hey, I am getting VOIP Internet Phone Service with RedZone Wireless, which is a local provider where I live. I know that they give me an adapter and I plug it into my existing phone lines that go through my house. I was wondering if my Caller ID will still work on my Directv Receivers and if I...
  19. sundude90

    Super Bowl XLIII coverage on Directv Ch. 101

    Directv will be having Live Super Bowl XLIII Coverage on Channel 101 on Feb 1st, 2008 Please see this site for more info: DIRECTV: Tune In - Feature Article: Super Bowl Josh
  20. sundude90

    The Ski Channel Suggestions & Comments(On Demand)

    Steve Bellamy the Chairman and CEO of The Ski Channel has asked me to create a Suggestions & Comments thread to help him improve his channel. Please do not post about putting content in HD, since that is already something that they are working on currently. They hope to launch it by the end...