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    Panasonic BD30 Firmware 1.8 out

    The audio dropouts are just as bad for me after the update. Had multiple dropouts at the scene where she first appears in the manhole. Backed it up and would not repeat at the same spot. It still cuts out multiple times during the movie.
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    Joined the ranks

    I finally bit the bullet and have gone purple also. Panasonic BD30 on the way.:D I don't care about ethernet connection as I have dial up only and will have for the forseeable future. Can't wait!!!
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    First Movie Watched

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    Toshiba HD-DVD Player needs a bit of work

    Why does everything have to be a computer? Too many bells and whistles make for a very unfunctional piece of electronics. Also, why does it have to hook to the internet? Just more trouble waiting to happen. Can't they just make an HD player that works like a standard DVD? Just ranting I guess.