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    LNB Types

    Is there way to identify the LNB type (linear/circular) by just looking at the information from Lyngsat? What type of lnb is for 103W? Thanks,
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    Would some one please explain how to use/configue diplexer to share the same RG6 cable for satellite and cable TV signal? Thanks,
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    I'm in Northern VA and can't find 97W even following exactly the Elev, Azimuth, and skew degrees that show from the dispointer software. My set up is a 36" Digiwave dish, Digiwave Linear LBN (with NF=0.5) and Mercury II. Signal=40 and quality=0 :mad:. I think the lnb is bad. Any suggestion...
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    Converting Ku to Ka-Band

    If some one wants to convert a Ku-band VSAT (1.2m dish, combo Cir/Lin LNB, 25Watt BUC) to a Ka-band, what components he has to swap? I thought nothing (maybe the BUC) to change but my co-worker said the entire system must be replaced (refector, LNB, and BUC). These above VSATs will interface...
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    Stupid Question w/ Honest Anwer

    What is the main reason for you guys to own multiple FTA receivers from different brand names? Take it easy! Netdvn
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    Recommended Gear for FTA Newbie

    I'm newbie to FTA. I'm going to purchase a FTA gear as a starter, is there any particular brand name or model I should consider? My home owner association is very restricted and can't have a dish more than 30" (I think Super dish from DN is OK).