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    Dish Alignment?

    Last month we had a new roof installed. We had the satellite dish re-attached by Dish. Since then, I have noticed the picture breaking up on occasion, similar to when the weather is inclement, but not as bad. I'm assuming the dish was not quite properly aligned. Is there some test I should...
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    WGN Baseball Game Blacked Out?

    I live in southern Milwaukee county and see all of the White Sox games on WGN. They are playing today at 6:00 Central and the game is on WGN, but according to my guide, the game is blacked out. The Fox game is on right now, so that can't be the reason for the blackout. Of course, there are no...
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    Unable to Change Channel

    I don't know if I'm missing something, or if my Hopper is acting weird. This evening I was recording PTAT, and PBS via OTA from 8-9. I should have had 2 free tuners, but when I tried to watch ESPN, it kept going to the TV Viewing Status screen. The screen was showing that the two tuners that...