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    New Switch To SD Feature Added During Bad Weather

    I noticed this new feature to where it knows the HD signal is bad and aks if you want to switch to:SD. I thought they were getting rid of the SD duplicates,
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    Did Stankey Just Say AT&T Doesn’t Need DTV? John Stankey “On the software-based side, I think what I’ve shared with you is my belief is that ultimately you’re coming together with one distribution platform for...
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    Are These Signal Strengths Good?

    I noticed a couple of zeros. Thanks for any info.
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    PS5 Air Vent Circulation Question

    I read that the unofficial dimensions have the PS5‘s width at around 15.75” the TV stand I have has enclosed pockets and shelves are 18” would that be enough clearance for the PS5’s airflow for it not to overheat? It would be about 1” on either side of the PS5. Thanks.
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    Interesting Article From Swanni. Does AT&T Want Out of TV? AT&T is transitioning from traditional TV to the ‘new TV’ as fast as humanely possible. That’s why I predict that in the next 12 months, it will: * Sell DIRECTV * Close U-verse * Close AT&T TV Now, which provides the traditional live...
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    Bankers Predicting Sale of DTV

    Bankers predicting AT&T will soon offload its DirecTV subsidiary: Gasparino Breaking News- DirectTV going up for sale.... - post regarding AT&T layoffs
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    The Final Countdown Movie On Sony Movie Channel Free Preview

    One of my favorite movies is being shown on the free preview of the Sony Movie Channel it’s on this Tuesday May 19th at 5:10 P.M. Central time my time, it’s also on Sony VOD - 1568. It’s beign shown up to May 28th.
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    Upgrading To HR-54/C61k?

    Hi. Just got upgraded to the 4K LNB. Anyone know if you can get a free upgrade to the HR-54/C61k? Also can yoy request that combo instead of the HS-17/C61k? He didn’t have them on the truck because the service call was to realign the dish. Thanks.
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    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    He has an interesting one for DTV.
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    AT&T TV Launches Nationwide February 2020

    I hope they add more streams, maybe have the same 7 HD streams that the HS-17 has? They also don’t have two main channels in my area that I like 11 and 24. AT&T TV launches nationwide in February 2020 AT&T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh, speaking today at Barclays Global TMT Conference...
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    New AT&T TV Sizzle Reel

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    AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now Info Videos Available

    They are at the AT&T Cares Youtube channel. Sorry, the title should say videos not video. AT&T Customer Care
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    Battle of The Classic Cars On History Channel

    This looks cool. Battle of the 80s Supercars with David Hasselhoff | HISTORY
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    Do All The Genie Mini’s Have The Same Interface Speed?

    I got a c41 installed and I like the size of it but was just curious if the interface speed is the same on the other mini’s? Thanks.
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    Interesting Article On Why AT&T Choose Android TV For DTV Over IP

    Their is a special version of Android TV call the Operator Tier. Also why its different than using Apple TV and Roku. Why Android TV Is Catching On With Pay-TV Operators | Light Reading
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    Rumored DTV Over IP Prices Plus Two New DTV Now Packages

    It looks to me like AT&T lied about lowering the prices for DTV over IP. DTV over IP to me will now just be about the type of delivery method. Unless it would have the same PQ and sound quality as DTV over SatelliteTV? I wonder if this will also confuse people about what the difference...
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    AT&T Filing More AT&T TV Trademarks

    They are: “Amp By AT&T TV,” “Liquid By AT&T TV,” “Optiv by AT&T TV” and “Pulse by AT&T TV.” AT&T Files Trademarks, But Not for WarnerMedia SVOD
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    Streaming 4k Vs. DirecTV 4k

    Hi. Somehow I accidently signed up to Amazon Prime when ordering a game and got that 30 day free trial. They had some 4k HDR Dolby Vision TV shows that were included for free. I watched some of the Jack Ryan series and too me I wasn't that impressed. I have a Sony 65" 930e with the Dolby...
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    Connection DTV APP On Windows To DVR?

    Hi. Anyone know when AT&T will let you connect the DTV APP on Windows to your DVR so you could watch your recordings and view the local channels just like on the Android and IOS APP's? Thanks. Sorry I meant to say Connecting The DTV APP On Windows To DVR.
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    New ReCode Interview With AT&T CEO

    Sorry I think the title of this thread should be New ReCode Interview With AT&T CEO. My title would probably make it look like AT&T got a new CEO. :) Full video and transcript: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson at Code 2018