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    A Little help please!!!

    Ok, here it goes. June 6th had a tech come out and move my trusty vip622. In it's place I got a 722k. All worked perfect for about 5 days. Then the "Partial Signal Loss" blue screen would pop up about every 5 min. It didn't affect recording. We still got our shows on the dvr. Just the live...
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    Anybody heard of this?

    Yesterday I made an upgrade appt w/ Dish for this Monday. Thru chat I requested twice that I wanted a VIP722K (along with Sling Adapter). Not a standard 722. Chat took the order and my $$$. My email confirmation just came in showing 722. I just called them and csr says the 722 is a lease item...
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    A little help please!

    I have a Antennacraft C290 hooked to a VIP 622. I would like to add a VIP722K in another room to my C290. Signal strength is very good on 2 of the network stations and "just ok" on the other 2 we care about. What do I need to: 1) split the C290 outside. 2) Amplify the signal (don't know if...
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    Snow Snow Snow!!!

    I am assuming we lost a lot of channels due to this snow storm. Dish and LNB are clear. Anybody else out in Cincinnati Ohio. This will be the first outage since we got on the Eastern Arc. Could be in for a long night.
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    Program guide / VIP622

    Picked up a new Cincinnati HD local last night. My 2 ViP612 dvrs got the full program guide this morning for that channel. My VIP 622 still does not have the guide. It is good for another hour and then I have "Info not available". It even has this for my OTA. I have tried 2 soft resets and just...
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    Dish upgrade problems

    Have had a Dish 1000 with a VIP622 and a pair of 625 dvr that have worked perfect for 2 years. Bought 2 new Panny plasmas and had DN come out to remove the 625 and replace it with 2 VIP612s. Tech arrives at 9am. He left at 4:30pm and could not get the whole package to work correctly. What he...