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  1. ozzy1028

    new klipsch wf-34 icon

    just pulled the trigger on new klipsch wf-34 icons that newegg has on basically a clearance. Just wondering if anyone owns or have heard these? Very excited considering coming from old 90's pioneer front speakers to this.
  2. ozzy1028

    Interesting Read!

    Came across this article. Thought it a very interesting read. Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence | War Is Crime
  3. ozzy1028

    Sirius/XM sound quality?

    Didnt see this posted anywhere else. Is it just me or did the sound quality drop significantly when the merger happened? I know it wasnt that great to begin with on the old sirius, but it now sounds like listening to "am" all over again.
  4. ozzy1028

    New hd medium

    Just came across this, thought it interesting 'Better than Blu' HD format coming from Sim2
  5. ozzy1028

    Are RSN's covered in Dish HD Absolute pack

    I have recently been thinking about changing over to the Dish HD Absolute pack to save on my monthly bill. Right now its right around $99.00 for top 250 with hd and locals. I just cant justify paying that much for tv programming that doesnt get watched. About 95% of our tv viewing we could get...
  6. ozzy1028

    How do HTD speakers sound

    Does anyone have HTD (Home Theater Direct) speakers, and if so how do they perform?.
  7. ozzy1028

    Manhole covers stolen in Flint, Mi

    Thought this was rather amusing to see when i signed into Yahoo this morning. Being my hometown and all and being Yahoo's main news article Mich. cities say hundreds of manhole covers stolen - Yahoo! News
  8. ozzy1028

    Dlp tv popping sound when turned on

    Ok, I bought a samsung dlp tv back in october. Model hlt4675s samsung. HAve not had any complaints out of this set whatsoever until recently. About 2 weeks ago until the present when the set is turned on i hear a loud "popping" sound. At first i thought oh no, the bulb is getting ready to fail...
  9. ozzy1028

    Any type of site for pro tv picture settings?

    Was just wondering if anyone knew of a site that supplied professionally calibrated tv settings for different model tvs?
  10. ozzy1028

    GTA 4 Tops $500 million

    "Grand Theft Auto" sales top $500 mln in 1st week - Yahoo! News
  11. ozzy1028

    not getting receiver to acknowledge dts signal

    I never really messed with knowing what signal I was getting on my pioneer receiver until just recently. For some reason i cant get it to show (or aknowledge) that the signal im sending it is DTS . The manual says that the dts should light up when a dts track is being fed to the receiver. The...
  12. ozzy1028

    WOW! Super Pii Pii Bros.

    This is one for the ages...... amust get for wii owners ThinkGeek :: Super Pii Pii Brothers
  13. ozzy1028

    How long has your dlp tv lamp lasted?

    For those of you that have a dlp tv, how long has your lamp lasted without changing? We tend to leave ours on most days 10 hours or more.
  14. ozzy1028

    ps3/Blu ray storm

    A perfect PS3 storm: Blu-ray hotness and Xbox supply issues
  15. ozzy1028

    Kite Runner coming to hd dvd?!

    Specs, Box Art in For 'Kite Runner' HD DVD | High-Def Digest Can someone please explain to me why paramount is still going to release this on hd hdvd. I was pulling for hd dvd to win the war but its all but over now and paramount and universal are still pussy footing around with hd dvd...
  16. ozzy1028

    U Have Gotta Be Kidding me!

    I cant believe im actually sitting here reading through these baby posts. Im better than u better than u im better.......nuh uh im bet....STFU. You know what would perturb both formats is if we were to all boycott them and let them settle this format war themselves, once...
  17. ozzy1028

    HD-DVD PLAYER $98.87!! at WalMart

    Tags: Wal-Mart, Toshiba (all tags) It's official. After weeks of rumors, Wal-Mart has begun selling Toshiba's second-gen HD-A2 HD DVD player for $198, setting a new low-price record for a stand-alone next-gen player. Although reports of a rollback for the HD-A2 first surfaced earlier this...
  18. ozzy1028

    uplink activity report question

    I couldnt help but notice while viewing the uplink activity report that fox-d was added but not yet available. does anyone know when this will become available?
  19. ozzy1028

    HBO Starz etc..... in hd

    Does anyone know or has anyone heard when hbo or starz is going to be switching some of their secondary channels to hd? I actually heard that starz would be doing it by years end? is this true?
  20. ozzy1028

    Slight Pixelation on HD channels

    Ive had my Dish 1000.2 installed for about a month now and wondered if a slight pixelation is normal a couple times every hour or so on the HD channels, no matter which HD channel it is. Its not really enough for me to get all "up in arms" about but it is a slight concern. I have no obstacles...