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  1. Lone Gunman

    Von Weise V76-5 Refurbishing Project

    Speaking of the VonWeise movers, here's a lead screw nut mod I did on a couple of mine way back in 2010 and I'M STILL USING THEM TODAY! ;)
  2. Lone Gunman

    AMC-6 is on the move...

    Nope, since I'm on the East coast I ain't gonna be able to lock that one either! Oh well!
  3. Lone Gunman

    AMC-6 is on the move...

    Gee, I've still got 139w stored in my dish controllers. Maybe I'll be able to lock something on that.
  4. Lone Gunman

    Any info on SAMI 8ft Mesh Dish?

    Had one of those a few years back and it was, well, AN EIGHT FOOTER! Meaning that it's just not big enough and I replaced it with a Unimesh 10 footer. Sold that SAMI to a guy in Charlottesville, Va for cheap that included a receiver and never heard anything from him again?? But, when you're...
  5. Lone Gunman

    pole adapters?

    When I got this dish for free I had to also take the pipe with it. Took my cutting torch and cut the pipe off at ground level so I didn't have to buy any pipe to make adapters. Took the pipe to a local machine shop and had them use their band saw to cut two sections 27" long out of it to make...
  6. Lone Gunman

    pole adapters?

    Wait until tomorrow and I'll post a picture of the one I made for my 10.5 foot Raydx dish. Very simple really and if you have an electric welder at home you may be able to do part of it yourself after you get the piece of pipe cut.
  7. Lone Gunman

    hail damage

    RE: Straightening damaged panels? If the panel is not mounted on the dish, then the best way to fix it is with a big 2" or 3" rubber mallet on a smooth flat concrete garage floor. The rubber will flatten the metal without actually damaging the mesh. Work both sides until it lays kinda flat...
  8. Lone Gunman

    What do you guys think of this BUD here?

    Here's a dish mover attachment I made that mounts on my open car trailer. I've moved a few assembled 10 footers and also that 10.5ft Raydx that I have with this setup. Oh, and the first one I used it on was the Winegard dish I moved from my old house 18 miles away to this new house back in...
  9. Lone Gunman

    What do you guys think of this BUD here?

    Yessir, jump on that one like a duck on a june bug!!! You never outgrow your need for "stuff"!
  10. Lone Gunman

    Help with the Acme Nut

    Von Weis Nut Repair, and notice the date. Still working....................... Motorsports Village • View topic - Von Weise Acme Nut Repair
  11. Lone Gunman

    My BUDs and warm in Seattle, WA.

    I wash mine every time it rains!! :oldwink Only PM I do on'em is to make sure they are lubricated well about once a month and an occasional wipe down of the Von Weise inner tube on the actuators with WD40 to clean and lubricate those.
  12. Lone Gunman

    R.I.P. DMX741 LNBF!

    Well, the way the weather has been and looks to be here in the near future it's going to be a while before I get a chance to test this one. So don't go looking too much until I see how this one is going to perform. ;) Thanks
  13. Lone Gunman

    R.I.P. DMX741 LNBF!

    Wvman I got that LNBF today and I'll have to say it's a good looking well built piece! Now if it works as good as it looks we'll be in business and I'll be looking for two more! ;) Think I'll do an internet search and see what I can find out about them. And thanks again.
  14. Lone Gunman

    R.I.P. DMX741 LNBF!

    PM sent! And Thanks!!
  15. Lone Gunman

    R.I.P. DMX741 LNBF!

    Well, one of my last two DMX-741 LNBFs took a dump! That leaves only the one on my Winegard dish. Where is WSI when you need them!!! This one that quit working was on the Raydx and it's really funny how it went down. It was working flawlessly up until we got 11.5” of snow back about a month ago...
  16. Lone Gunman

    First dish you ever seen

    I'b bet that's not bent down. It looks like it's made that way, like the smaller Ku dishes you see today.
  17. Lone Gunman

    RIP KRBK...........

    Just went to KRBK and it's dead as a hammer! :( I sure will miss that one!!!!
  18. Lone Gunman

    DX Antenna DSB-400 Positioner

    I can see it all now! If 5G stealing our bandwidth doesn't kill this hobby, the prices for the equipment will, especially for us old retired people!:(
  19. Lone Gunman

    Two Receivers on One Dish?

    On my splitter setup, I just disconnect power from the STB NOT in use. That way there isn't any power being run through the coax from the "not used" STB. To switch STBs, just disconnect power from one and connect the other. It's been working OK like that for me for all these years. ;-)
  20. Lone Gunman

    Two Receivers on One Dish?

    Hummm, let's see now. I'm 73 now and this thread is from back in 2011? You do realize that half the time I can't remember what I had for lunch the day before, and, I eat the same thing every day! ;-) So having said that, I really can't remember whether the AB box worked or not, but, I do...