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  1. QCK

    Moving near Memphis but would like to keep Tupelo MS locals

    I am moving to Southaven MS near Memphis soon and will get DN. I see that Tupelo and Memphis locals are on the WA. Will dish allow Tupelo locals be setup, and if so I would use an OTA feed for Memphis locals. Also, if I do this will the Memphis locals in the guide populate with data?
  2. QCK

    Dish pause & how long?

    Is it possible to pause my Dish service, if so for how long is it allowed? I still have about 10 months left on my 24 month commitment. I have a new job in a city 3 hours away and where I am temporarily staying they only have DTV.
  3. QCK

    DTV with no contract / commitment?

    I recently moved into an apartment and it only DTV. I am there for 6 months, is it possible to get DTV for 6 months without a contract? Also, if possible I'd like to have a Genie as well. I read that if I bought a Genie on say amazon that DTV would considered it a leased unit when activating...
  4. QCK

    NHL Center Ice games not on and others not in HD

    So I am a new customer to dish and subscribed to NHL center ice. I have found out that no Canadian games are on live in HD and many of the other games are blacked out, delayed and/or only available in SD. What the heck? Why do they even offer this package when it does not allow you to see all...
  5. QCK

    Two Hoppers and no Joeys

    A few questions: 1) Is it possible to be allowed a new install with two hoppers and no Joey's? 2) If it is, is the cost $24/mo? 3) If you have two hoppers do both have to have a ethernet connection or can you get away with just one connected? 4) Can you hear the hopper's hard drive and/or...
  6. QCK

    USB Digital OTA Tuner For Hopper Connection To A Joey?

    Does the USB OTA tuner have to be connected to the Hopper or can you get away with it being connected to a Joey? It would save me some wiring trouble if I could connect it to a Joey and still have it work.
  7. QCK

    T-Mobile - Is it worth getting?

    My girlfriend currently has an I phone 4 with AT&T and is paying a little over $100/month. We live in the Huntsville Alabama area and should have decent coverage here with T-Mobile. I'm not sure how great their coverages is elsewhere. From what I have read Verizon has the best coverage across...
  8. QCK

    Shaw Broadcast/Shaw Direct will begin launching MPEG-4 test signals on Anik F1R to prepare for ANIK

    c/p To allow us to continue to provide more HD signals to our customers, Shaw has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a new satellite - ANIK G1. The expected service date of ANIK G1continues to be near the end of this calendar year. ANIK G1 will have 16 extended ku band national...
  9. QCK

    Shaw Direct Receiver Deal With Dec. 13, 2011 Only

    Today is selling the Shaw Direct HDDSR 600 receiver for $49.99 ($50 off the regular price), and the HDPVR 630 receiver for $249.99 ($150 of the regular price. You just need a Canadian address to ship it to. I thought this might be helpful for anyone who wants one or more of these newer...
  10. QCK

    2011 Vehicle with SiriusXM radio installed - can it receive the new Xtra Channels?

    I'm not really clear if the radio in my 2011 Mazda will be able to get the new "Xtra" channels. The radio is labelled as an SiriusXM. If it cannot, can it be upgraded with software to version 2.0 to be able to receive them?
  11. QCK

    Shaw Direct relocation of PBS Detroit HD and Global HD c/p

    May 9, 2011 RELOCATION OF PBS DETROIT HD AND GLOBAL HD To further continue efficient transponder traffic planning, PBS Detroit HD and Global HD will be changing transponder locations. To provide minimal disruption to our cable customers, dual feeds will be available for each signal in both...
  12. QCK


    c/p from the attached pdf, read the pdf for the whole write up: SHAW DIRECT LAUNCHES ONLINE VIDEO ON DEMAND LIBRARY Delivering on-demand entertainment anywhere in Canada CALGARY, AB (March 15, 2011) – Shaw Direct announced today the launch of its new online Video On Demand (VOD) library...
  13. QCK

    Shaw Direct - Termination of PPV SD 2, 5 & 6 and Relocation of TCM, PBS Spokane & BIG 10 SD

    Some channel terminations and channel moves on Shaw Direct: On Monday, May 2, 2011 at 12:00 PM ET, PPV 2, 5, and 6 will be discontinued from our line-up to allow for more signal capacity. To prepare for the launch of additional signals and to permit efficient transponder traffic planning...
  14. QCK

    605 & 630 Firmware Update Version 04.06

    Here is a c/p from SD 630 Support on the Canadian site: Starting the morning of Wednesday February 16, HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 receivers will begin to be updated from Current Version 00.13 to 04.06. The overall usage and look/feel of the system is unchanged with this download. 04.06 includes...
  15. QCK

    Report: Broadband based VOD coming this Winter

    As noted from TJ77 on the Canadian site: Shaw Direct Continues to Transform Home Entertainment - MarketWatch This winter Shaw Direct will again transform their customers' viewing experiences with the release of a new broadband Video on Demand portal, which will be accessible through all...
  16. QCK

    Shaw Direct 605 & 630 receiver update

    Shaw Direct posted just for a short while a page for the new receivers. A person on the Canadian site posted a Google cashed version. Click on the link: Welcome to the new Shaw Direct HDPVR. So advanced you'll feel like tomorrow is here today. - Shaw Direct Also attached is the user guide...
  17. QCK

    More Channel Relocations On Shaw Direct

    c/p April 28, 2010 Channel Relocation To prepare for the launch of additional HD signals and to permit efficient transponder traffic planning, Super Channel 1-4, The NFL Network, Radio Punjab and Sur Sagar Radio will be relocated. To ensure minimal disruption to our customers, a dual feed will...
  18. QCK

    Shaw Direct will be terminating TALC 5

    c/p URGENT NOTICE April 8, 2010 TERMINATION OF TALC 5 On Friday, April 30, 2010, TALC 5 will be discontinued from our line-up to allow for more signal capacity. Watch for announcements about new channels coming your way...
  19. QCK

    Telesat to Launch New Anik G1 Satellite for Shaw Direct

    Great news for anyone living south of the border, looks like Shaw Direct may stick around for a while... c/p OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 31, 2010) - Telesat, the world's fourth largest fixed satellite services operator, announced today that it has completed an agreement for a new...
  20. QCK

    Sundance Channel and W Movies join the Shaw Direct Lineup

    c/p: Starting today, W Movies, a 24/7 digital movie channel for women will be replacing SexTV on all cable and satellite systems across Canada. In addition, a Canadian version of the Sundance Channel will replace Drive-In Classics. The change in format comes after Corus Entertainment purchased...