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  1. k.r.

    Frozen wont load (paper weight mode)

    What am i doing wrong.. The attachd pic is what is on my usb drive...the folder in it also contains the same files... When i power cycle with it in usb...i get a screen that says new version press and hold ok in 10 sec...well it sits n sits on edision logo on screen and on box display... I...
  2. k.r.

    Rtl2832u r820t2 what software

    I installed the driver but haveing trouble getting a working software to recieve anything.. What software do you all recomend. I bought this sdr off of wish for few dollars.. Windows 10 64bit Sent from my SM-N960U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. k.r.

    No service

    Woke up to a screen telling me to order a package that includes this channel message on every channel...also noticed subscriber areas of the web pg is impatiently waiting for 9 time i calld someone took my call at like 3 post what they tell me when i get off the...
  4. k.r.

    New channels

    Noticed Hbo and max this morning while chan surfing... 18 dollars for Hbo and 12 dollars for cinemax Sent from my SM-N960U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  5. k.r.

    Orby TV Just Installd mine

    Had no problem installing and activating mine... invacom quad...and 1.2 meter dish..signal was 90s on both...activation was simple...enter invested was about half hour..but i took few breaks... Sent from my SM-N960U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  6. k.r.

    Tv dx

    Just put my uhf back up since moveing here...did lil surfing... few stations all about 120 mile..south west and south east...whats everybody useing for their long distance useing a 8 bay with a channel master (cant rem #) amp out on the pole...about 20 ft up...150 ft of quad...
  7. k.r.

    Site down ?

    Is the glorystar and satelliteav web pages down ? I been getting a 500 error for few days Sent from my SM-N910P using the SatelliteGuys app!
  8. k.r.

    Bad Bunnies

    I forgot my buns were out roaming...came back to pieces of cord scatterd and a chunk of my box my tv for satellite/outdoor tv antennas is on...coax too..bad bunz They look so cute and innocent but far from...
  9. k.r.

    Finally found 30 west again

    It was almost impossible to find again..i knew it was there but since I moved here bout 6 mth ago I been struggleing to find it...wont be long and itl be gone till fall..most signals are 56 to 58 useing my 1.2 meter with a sadoun satellites uln1 lnb and geosat pro 1200 hdvr Sent from my...
  10. k.r.

    Get my new dish today

    Get my new dish today... 8 ft Fortec....its pretty cool here today...but i think i can have it together and up pretty quickly..its a fixd going to use the lnb from my 100 cm c band dish the geosat c1 pll...where would you all surf first...i was thinkn after i compare amg's sig swinging...
  11. k.r.

    Neighbor complaints

    So my neighbor is complaining of my fixd 1 meter c band dish...not that its ugly or anything like that..complaints of how im interfearing with their useing up almost all the signal..anyone else have this prob? I dont want a war..i aready lockd the privacy fenced in yard to keep them...
  12. k.r.

    New Dish Ideas

    Im c band dish window shoping right now for few month down the road..budget is 1000$ for dish only and mounting..i have several recievers... geosat 1200 and the micro hd...also have pleanty of coax..and all my lnbs c and ku from my dishes here...but il need a positioner box i guess..i guess my...
  13. k.r.

    My new 76cm c band

    the new 76 cm mini cband...pointed at 97w....amg 51%...latv 50%...walk and Drtv 52%...i had about 30% more signal strength useing this scaler vs the other..theres a drywall screw ran through one of the lnb mount holes to my wood block to help hold it along with the hose clamp..lines up perfect...
  14. k.r.

    Looking for 100 cm dish southern indiana

    Im looking for a new or nice used dish 100 cm or 110cm..cant really go bigger..hopeing to find something local here in southern indiana not far from louisville ky.
  15. k.r.

    GEOSATpro micro hd recovery cable

    Can you still buy the bootloop recovery cable for the micro hd.. no luck so far on ebay...i brickd it while back and since i accidentaly bout a spare remote for it instead of the one hdvr1200 i kinda wana dig it out and get it goin again..
  16. k.r.


    any ideas on where to purchase the sg 6100 motor? ive found all kind of places out of stock and out of business..
  17. k.r.


    is still in business?
  18. k.r.

    Tv dx

    Was courious if anybody here was into tv and radio dx..ive always enjoyd it... 16 uhf dipoles with grid reflector..wire quad for vhf high and a dipole cut for ch 2..
  19. k.r.

    GEOSATpro Dealer for micro hd

    Who is a good dealer to order the micro sd..
  20. k.r.

    hello everyone

    New to the sight but not new to currently playing On c band with a 80 cm dish with an wsi ns741 and Useing a viewsat ultra along with a toshiba trx1520 for Analog...i have a good handfull of everyday channels from 91w 95w and 99w..i plan to finish adjusting my Motor to track...