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    Throttling on Internet

    Hi all. I wanted to share some of my experience when viewing sling on my nvidia and firetv. On both devices I get great speed like about 3.7 mbps constant and in about an hour the speed suddenly drops to 0.3 mbps. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it the ISP that is throttling. Its...
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    Trying a setup with 110/119 and 129 with wing dish

    Hi all. I am trying a friend to get setup with dish and there is a huge tree in front of his patio and thanks to the dish pointer app, I could manage to get him 110/119 through an old dish 500 dish. I've also made him purchase the portable wineguard dish and will try to pull 129 from between the...
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    Internationals Mirror from 118 to 61.5

    With the recent uplink reports, there are a lot of SD channels that have started up on 61.5. Is dish planning on mirroring the internationals as well on 61.5? It would make sense as that would keep the whole east coast back to a single dish solution for the subs that need internationals. As for...
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    Locals on ConUS change observations

    Since Evansville got moved to the spot on 61.5, the channels would still come in if I did a check switch and blocked of 61.5, thus forcing dish to pull those channels form 77. Having moved to Lexinigton, KY, the channels are getting defaulted to 77 instead of 61.5. If I do a check switch by...
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    Advise on Locals. Move from Evansville, IL

    Evansville has gone live on Spot on 61.5. Its still active on 77. Given the history how long before dish shuts down 77? for now I've put a foil on 61.5 and get the locals of 77 as its CONUS. ConUS Locals are falling like stars. Lexington, KY Locals are CONUS on 61.5. Whats the assumption or...
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    Sales Tax charged by Dish breakdown

    Since we lost the Conus locals on 61.5. The service location for Florida on 77 will associate a 13.7% increase in your bill as a Tax. Evansville, IL is the best choice at the moment which is as well on 77. Any news on 61.5 conus locals. I see a few on there. don't know how long they will remain...
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    Wealth TV is available on Verizon FioS for a long time. Will dish ever carry it?
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    Will dish eventually replicate Internationals from 118.5 to 77

    Since 77 has programming space, can we request dish to replicate internationals on 77. This will have benefits to dish for multiple directions and a Single dish usage specially on the Eastern Arc. Now having said that, I understand dish moved all internationals of 61.5. I believe that was...
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    Eastern Arc in Los Angeles Signal Strength on 72.7 TP 18 Question

    I have the EA Setup in LA and it works well, however yesterday it was slightly cloudy and some channels weren't coming in. I checked the TP and signal level. The TP that wasn't working was TP18 on 72.7. it had a signal of 13-14 which was in yellow. This morning I checked and it was back to...
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    Spotbeam Usage on 61.5 (18, 19, 20, 21,22: Unused)

    Since 61.5 signal is very strong in the west coast as well, why dosen’t dish use Spot beams 18, 19, 20, 21,22 zones on 61.5. Those spot beams cover the west coast very well. If people have a choice of arcs on East, then why is west left out. I’ve seen lots of folks using 129 in the east. There...
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    Changing Address to Pitts for Locals

    Hi all, Since I don't have the LOS for my location and am pointed successfully to 61.5. What is the possibility to change my address to Pittsburg. My payment is on auto pay and I will be able to bring in the Locals as they are on ConUS. I don't know any one in Pitts at this point as well.
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    Should I switch the Dishes (Western Arc to Eastern Arc)

    I have one WA dish and one with EA. The WA dish has the fine tuning adjustment. The Eastern Arc does not have it and is black in color. In the Eastern Arc I cannot seem to peak the three sats 61.5, 72.7 and 77. I have to let 77 go to get the other two. Are the EA and WA dish the same in...
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    True CONUS Locals

    Hi all. Which state has Locals on CONUS beam. Not Distants or Spotbeam. I'm on 72.7, 61.5 and 118. Do Washington DC Locals come in on the CONUS beam?
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    Question on Locals on 110 or 72.7

    With the recent changes. Can anyone enlighten me if Los Angeles Locals are now available in HD on 110. I see this in the uplink activity. Also are the New York Locals on 72.7 conus beam open to every one or is it still distant. I believe LA locals were only on 129 earlier. Has this changed...
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    Is 61.5 Going Away ? confused

    I have seen a lot of movement on 61.5 in the past few days. Internationals are moved and as per the international move report., it says the move is targeted mainly to add more space to deliver more HD to the customers. If so then why are other HD channels moving to 72.7? If 61.5 is going down...
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    National Geographic on 72.7

    Currently I don't have the line of sight for 129. I do have 110/119/118.5 but can't see the 129 bird. I have a second dish pointed to 61.5. I was told that this satellite will go down in the next few weeks. I do like the National Geographic Channel which is not available on HD on 72.7. Does any...