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  1. rockinm

    Hopper slows and freezes, loses Joeys, and I have to reboot

    I turned off the HDMI-CEC. sorry, what is HWS? if hopper w/ sling, answer is no.
  2. rockinm

    Hopper slows and freezes, loses Joeys, and I have to reboot

    I'm on my 3rd hopper since December. First they thought the harddrive was going bad, but seems to be a universal problem w/ most dish hoppers these days. Received replacement hopper and it started doing the same thing. Now on 3rd hopper and it started with this behavior the 2nd day I had it...
  3. rockinm

    Hopper - Locks up after 2 hours and reboots. What to do?

    My Hopper is doing the same thing, just freezes up and reboots right in the middle of prime time watching tv in the evenings. I finally called dish today and we 'reset' my hopper. have to wait for it to happen again before they will send me another one. good grief.
  4. rockinm

    Hopper Upgrades

    I would like to be contacted about upgrading from 2 dvr's to a 1 hopper & 2 joey system. Thank you.
  5. rockinm

    Is moving with your Dish account actually free?

    I have moved twice w/ Dish. Neither time was I charged for anything. One house wasn't even wired for the inside cables yet and they hooked all those up. I'd say their process works really well. I do have the service plan, but don't think that was any factor.
  6. rockinm

    Hi Mary, i see some posts on Satellite Guys about changes in programming. I did notice last...

    Hi Mary, i see some posts on Satellite Guys about changes in programming. I did notice last night I was getting a few more HD channels like Fx and Speed, but didn't see anything about starz. I'm looking at my account, it says I have Dish America Gold w/ HBO, and then it lists Starz - Free 12...
  7. rockinm

    Rumor NO MORE!, SpeedHD, FX HD & More THIS WEEK! (NOW LIVE)

    Let's be clear - if u subscribe to only TurboHD, no matter which metal pkg, you won't get SPEED or FX. You have to also buy the Classic Silver 200 just to get these channels. That bites as others have mentioned before, their SD channels look like you're watching TV from 30 years ago.
  8. rockinm

    Free PPV movie (2)

    thanks, I will certainly give that a try this weekend. I was just 'gun shy' of trying it w/o knowing where it would be available to watch.
  9. rockinm

    Free PPV movie (2)

    Since I don't have phone or internet hooked up to my dvr's, i would have to order from their website. If you do this, how do they know which dvr to make the movie available on? both my dvr's are HD 622's, but I would only want to watch the movies on 1 of my tv's.
  10. rockinm

    Wireless LAN Solution For VIP 622

    What if you have 2 x 622's? can you hook up both dvr's to the bridge?
  11. rockinm

    Roof mount question

    My installers didn't want to do a roof mount on my chimney where i requested it. It's hardiplank, not brick. They put it where the roof ends at the gutter over in plain site at my backdoor patio overhang. They said something about not getting on roofs anymore due to some tech falling off and...
  12. rockinm

    Cancelling dish before installation?

    Are you positive about that 72 hours, and is that the official deadline? What if you had it installed already, but not happy w/ it? I don't want to pay a bunch of penalties.
  13. rockinm

    Video on Demand?

    We just came from Comcast/TimeWarner cable. The wife really misses the freee video on demand feature for things like HBO, etc...That's how she would keep up to date on all her series and is one of the things she misses about cable, besides their easy to use DVR. Will Dish Network ever bring...
  14. rockinm

    new customer & not happy

    working on satisfaction... Today we have spoken w/ a very professional person at Dish who has stepped up to the plate to keep us as new customers. He has tried to do everything to satisfy us and get us started w/ our dish. I am pleased to report this, but sorry it had to get this far. Now if...
  15. rockinm

    new customer & not happy

    The 'idiot' we spoke w/ was a supervisor of the initial cust svc rep I spoke w/. Got him on the line after i called back the 3rd time. They weren't disputing the install appointment for today, it was on their books. Just aw shucks, nobody showed up so how about we come another day? It's not...
  16. rockinm

    new customer & not happy

    sorry, I just had to rant. I called them back after another hour had passed w/o any tech showing up or calling me. Now they surprisingly had notes on my delivery case showing that the tech had called me for directions and nobody answered the phone. Blatant lying to customers is hard to...
  17. rockinm

    new customer & not happy

    signed up last week. 1st appt techs showed up 2 hours into appt w/o all required equipment so had to reschedule. 2nd appt, no tech w/in the 5 hour window and no calls. 30 minutes after appt expired, they can't even get in touch w/ dispatch or the tech. I was excited to get dish network, but...