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  1. RichManitoba

    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    I wasn't aware of that list. Well, how about that. I guess not. I don't see any 60" JS7000 models on ANY of the lists for some reason. It's only a few years old and has tons of features, but not compatible with HBO MAX?
  2. RichManitoba

    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    I've been all over looking for info. I have HBO through DirecTV. I have a Samsung 7000 series 4K HDR. I went into the apps to look for MAX, but only NOW was listed to download. I've read that it's the same, just not an upgraded name. I'm old school; I like shows/movies on a BIG screen. I don't...
  3. RichManitoba

    Free NFL/ST?

    I DO NOT have AT&T wireless and got the offer in January.
  4. RichManitoba

    Question about Center Ice and Extra Innings

    With the NHL season suspended and we pre-paid for Center Ice, has anybody requested a refund? I realize it's not a lot, but we get "nickel and dimed" often.
  5. RichManitoba

    Chrome or Firefox?

    I've had Google Chrome forever, but keep reading about tracking issues, etc. I've been reading about them (apples to apples) on different sites that compare them and Chrome keeps coming up the winner, except for tracking. I'm running Windows 10 with Spectrum "up to" 200 mbps service. My son...
  6. RichManitoba

    Free NFL/ST?

    Who else got this? I inquired about it 2 months ago for 2020, and didn't pursue it, but got this email today.
  7. RichManitoba

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    For the Sugar Bowl m not getting audio on 105 LIVE4K, but I am on 206. What good is 4K video if there's no audio?
  8. RichManitoba

    New Channels

    Or don't have to pay extra for?:thumbdown
  9. RichManitoba

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    I was hoping DTV would settle with Altitude by the beginning of the NHL season on NHLCI. I really like the Avalanche broadcasters. Gotta put up with Jack Edwards on NESN tonight. Eeesh,
  10. RichManitoba

    NFL in 4K HDR YES

    I've gone back and forth quite a few times. 105 is actually difficult to watch with any motion. My settings are right. I've watched golf and college football on the 4K channels....they've been great.
  11. RichManitoba

    NFL in 4K HDR YES

    Nope. It's not as good as the normal Fox local station on DirecTV. It's blurry with any motion. Looks like a bad recording.
  12. RichManitoba

    NFL will NOT be 4k hdr / will be 1080P hdr upconverted to 4k hdr

    Horrible picture on 105 tonight (Eagles at Packers). It almost looks like an old video tape recording. Quite disappointing. My local Fox station on DirecTV is MUCH better than the 4K "broadcast". Of course, OTA with my antenna beats both.
  13. RichManitoba

    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    This won't affect the Altitude broadcasts of the Avalanche on NHL Center Ice will it? I believe Center Ice is an NHL product and DirecTV can't pick and choose. (?)
  14. RichManitoba

    Sunday Ticket deals

    I called earlier in the week and got the run-around like never before. I try to get a Sunday Ticket discount every year but usually unsuccessful. I guess time will tell if there's a free preview today. I haven't seen any advertising and I haven't received any messages. Since the Packers...
  15. RichManitoba

    Anyone else able to get NFL ST Max for Free for 2019?

    Jeez, congratulations. I just tried to get my $35.00 per month discount re-instated and discussed pricing for NFLST. Talked to 3 different people (all who had the same middle eastern accent). I was nice, pleasant and calm, but was told there were no discounts at this time. I know some have...
  16. RichManitoba

    Directv 16 Launch Schedule

    So as a schlub who comes here to learn things, what does this launch do for the DirecTV customers?
  17. RichManitoba

    Plugged in Charger.....

    Thanks...... I win the bet! ;)
  18. RichManitoba

    Plugged in Charger.....

    I'm sure this has been discussed, but I couldn't find it. I always leave my chargers plugged in when not charging my phone or tablet. My wife unplugs hers saying it's wasting energy. I have chargers plugged into a surge protector behind some furniture. Google search shows opinions all over...
  19. RichManitoba

    Yes, DirecTV subscribers can get local digital subchannels. Here’s how.

    But it's all a moot point unless you have an AM 21 or one can risk a stroke explaining to a wife how to change input, etc. (I'm speaking of nobody in particular :no).
  20. RichManitoba

    Yes, DirecTV subscribers can get local digital subchannels. Here’s how.

    Would the OTA signal be available on the clients or just the TV wired to my HR 54?