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  1. rsmith7

    Satellite vs. Blu-ray: DISHing up 1080p

    Found a nice article giving Dish kudos for their 1080p quality. Everyone has an opinion and this is just one reviewer " Brent Butterworth" of Sound and Vision. Link is here.
  2. rsmith7

    722 Map Down of Local Channels

    I have found various info on mapping down local and HD channels. Can someone tell me if the 722 has problems with mapping the locals? I also have a 622 and the map down works perfectly. I wish I knew this before I went through the trouble to get a 722. It has almost been 24 hours and still...
  3. rsmith7

    Price Increase

    Does anyone know if DISH will increase prices for 2007? I can only assume the their will be a price increase in February. Thanks.
  4. rsmith7

    Returning My 921

    I like the concept of the 921 receiver, but do to the lack of HD channels I am going to spend my $489.00 elsewhere. The lack of HD channels and not consistent OTA HD channels does not justify the HD $9.98 and VOD $4.99 costs. I have given it about 1 month try but my picture on SD...
  5. rsmith7

    Diplexer to use

    I am trying to get OTA channels to my 921. I am using a JVI 35-DN34 3x4 multiswithch. This has a feed for the OT antenna. My question is. Which diplexer is the best? Or does it matter.