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  1. Lothar27


    Great news indeed! :up
  2. Lothar27

    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    Watched it last night. Wow....just wow....I think I'm gonna like Matt Smith. Not sure on the new version of the theme though....might grow on me........
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    Dr Who - s05e06 - Vampires of Venice

    Tell me the whole plan! One day that'll work.... Brilliant!
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    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    Saturday can't get here fast enough!
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    Starz - Spartacus:Blood and Sand - Anyone else looking forward to this?

    They drain it and give it to the slaves as drinking water. How do you think vampires got started? :rolleyes:
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    Anytime I get to see zombies.... Awesome!
  7. Lothar27

    Anyone watching Human Target?

    I think it's fun. Not worried about the realism of the show, I just feel like a kid playing with something shiny when it's on. :D
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    Flash Forward

    I'm not a fan of the long breaks either, but for people like me who get hooked early on it creates excitement when I see a show that's been off for a few months reappear on my DVR list. Now, on the other hand, if the show hasn't hooked me yet I could care less when it's coming back..... Still...
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    HDNet Movies / March

    The Warlords came out overseas in 2007. You can find it if you *cough* know where to look. Still like to see it in HD though. Will probably DVR it.
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    Anyone watching Human Target?

    We now have a recurring bad guy! I was waiting for that. You know Baptiste got away....:D
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    Rosie O’Donnell Back to Daytime TV

    Good thing I work during the day. I don't think her fat head would fit on my 46" LCD.
  12. Lothar27

    Season 6: episode 8: Recon Thoughts/discussion

    I think it's interesting that Locke/Smoke is being completely honest with both Sawyer and Kate. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all..... Yeah....right :D
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    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    I do remember seeing a video clip of that now. I had forgotten what happened.
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    Justified - modern Western on FX Tuesday

    Quite entertaining if I do say so myself. A little old fashioned western gunslinger mixed in with modern day settings. Not exactly unique but it got my attention. Acting was good, especially out of Olyphant and Goggins. Makes the U.S. Marshall Service look like bad-asses again. :D
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    Likely To Be Canceled By May, 2010?

    I can't seen either NCIS going anywhere....Why would they dump their 2 best shows?
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    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    They never did show the regeneration from Troughton to Pertwee did they? Haven't seen The War Games, but in Pertwee's first scene as The Doctor in Spearhead from Space, the Tardis materializes and he falls out the door still wearing Troughton's outfit. Did the Time Lords force his regeneration...
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    Justified - modern Western on FX Tuesday

    Saw a trailer for this show the other day. Looks interesting. Think I'll give it a look.
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    Netflix and Diretv

    I have PlayOn and it works great. Only thing I noticed is that is slows down the functionality of my HR23 considerably after I've been using it for a long period of time, usually resulting in having to reset the box. Haven't tried it since any of the updates though. Have been streaming it...
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    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    Tenth Planet was the second Doctor right? And I forgot about Androzani....must have been distracted by a couple of things when I watched that one. ;)
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    Dr Who - s05e01 - The Eleventh Hour

    Wasn't until the new series that the regenerations became "explosive". I think all but 2 of the Doctor's regenerations have taken place inside the Tardis, and if I remember correctly it was explained that the Tardis helps it along. I'm just wondering if all the radiation the Doctor had absorbed...