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  1. tcreek

    DPH42 Ports

    Have a Traveler 1000 and replaced the feed arm. Old one had a slight bend in it. Forgot to mark where each connector was connected on the LNB. Instructions from Winegard says it doesn't matter where each connector is. But since I have a DPH42 and Hopper 3, does it matter to the DPH42 which LNB...
  2. tcreek

    Orbital Tracker Satellite Meter Parameters

    Having problems detecting the 119, 110, and 129 satellites with an Orbital Tracker Tracker Light OTM 500 V3.0 meter. Have a Dish 1000.2 with DPP Pro LNB. This is the most current parameter list I've been able to find. Are these still valid, or did Dish change anything in the last 4 years?
  3. tcreek

    Signal Strength on 129 Sat

    Have a Hopper w/Sling in a travel trailer, using the Traveler Antenna with a DPH 42 switch. Three cables run from the Traveler to the DPH 42. Solo Hub between the DPH42 and HWS/Joey. Located just north of Houston, Tx. As you can see by the attached photos, the 129 sat signal levels are quite...
  4. tcreek

    Purchase Hopper 3

    My HWS died today. So thinking of getting a Hopper 3. Dish wants $400 for one. Google search only shows one at Solid Signal and one on Amazon. Anyplace else to purchase a Hopper 3?
  5. tcreek

    Winegard Traveler and 129 Sat

    Have the Traveler with the DPH42 in my trailer. Currently traveling across I-90 towards Fargo. Have been having problems connecting with the 129 Sat. Signals are in the read or yellow on the scale. Is this common this far north, or do I have a problem with the traveler or the cabling?
  6. tcreek

    Tripod and Dish for RV

    Looking for a reasonable source to buy a tripod and dish with LNBs to use with my Hopper w/Sling in my trailer. Have the Traveler on the roof, but will be parked in a treed area for the next two months. Need to setup a tripod about 15 feet from the trailer. I should mention I'm in Alaska, so...
  7. tcreek

    DPH42, Hopper w/Sling, Joey, and Wineguard Traveler on RV

    Finally selling the house and moving into trailer with a Wineguard Traveler mounted on roof. There is only two cables from the Traveler to the basement storage area, and then two cables (one to living room and one to bed room) that are marked SAT inputs. Currently have a Hopper w/Sling and plan...
  8. tcreek

    Alaska/Hawaii moves today?

    What is Dish doing with all the moves on the uplink report? Giving us more access to the channels?
  9. tcreek

    Sat 110 or Hopper with Sling Issues?

    I have been having issues with recording local channels for the past few days. Locals are on the 110 sat. When I select a local channel from the guide, I'll get the large signal lost message. After a few seconds, the channel will appear, and I can record whatever is showing. But when I...
  10. tcreek

    HWS timers for FOXS1 not prioritizing according default settings.

    The default setting for DVR timers is to set it to the lowest priority. This works fine except when I set a timer on FOXS1. That timer goes to priority 1 every time. Have not found it happening on any other channels yet. Did the Fox/Dish settlement make Dish default their recording to priority 1?
  11. tcreek

    Science Channel Error 743

    Was watching the Science Channel (193) this morning and the Attention 743 screen popped up saying "This program is not available for viewing in your area". Can still tune to 5532 and watch it. Any idea what happened?
  12. tcreek

    HWS reboot while using Netflix App.

    Did a Netflix binge this weekend, and had my HWS reboot twice during the middle of it. Both times was during the day. Anyone else seen this happen?
  13. tcreek

    Solo Node problem?

    I have a Hopper with Sling in the living room, and a Joey in the bedroom. The solo node is 6 inches away from the Hopper. Every day I have to reboot the Hopper and have it download the guide again as some of the premium channels don't show up. The inactivity is set for 8 hours, but it does not...
  14. tcreek

    HD Channel Blocked by SD Channel is Viewable

    I have several HD Channels (ie STZC, 354) that the HD and SD channel shows available in the guide. But if I try to view the HD channel I get a warning box (734) that "This program is not available for viewing in your area." Why would the HD channel not be viewable, but the SD channel is? Any...
  15. tcreek

    Missing Guide Favorites on 622

    I woke up yesterday to find all the guide favorites gone from my 622 receiver. The names were there, but none of the channel selections. Should I be worried it is failing, or could it have been caused by a software update?
  16. tcreek

    SuperBuddy vs Birdog - Scanning for Satellite

    I've been thinking of getting either a SuperBuddy or Birdog. The major difference I see in them is the SuperBuddy will scan and tell you which satellite you are locked on to, while the Birdog will not. Is this so, or am I missing something when reading the specs. Is there anything cheaper then...