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  1. Lothar27

    Wifi issues with Samsung Moment

    So, like a noob, I received a message a while back about an update for my Moment and followed the instructions on how to install it. Realized after I had finished that it was the CL14 update and I already had that on my phone when I bought it. :o Since then I haven't been able to connect to my...
  2. Lothar27

    Samsung Moment for Sprint

    Does anyone have experience with this phone? I'm looking to switch to Sprint from T-Mobile due to T-Mobile's lack of 3G coverage in the area. Need an upgrade. I've always been a fan of Samsung's phones and was wondering how well the Moment worked. Have about a week before my contract with...
  3. Lothar27

    AM21 OTA Tuner question

    I'm trying to find out if getting an AM21 OTA Tuner is my best option for OTA HD channels. I live in the bottom floor of a 2 story apartment building. I have about 9 stations that broadcast OTA in my area and they are all about 50 miles away from my location according to I'm a...