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  1. Jim S.

    Internet Antenna Falls to Earth

    So just in case I ever find myself in that situation, what are the ownership rules?
  2. Jim S.

    New antenna for 1090, Dump1090 running on Raspberry Pi Zero

    What's that antenna? I never thought a Pi Zero would be fast enough for any kind of SDR application, I'm tempted to give it a try!
  3. Jim S.

    Equipment Question

    So the blind scan is pretty good then? I have an earlier model, the V8 Super, and it finds most things OK but for some reason on 97W Ku it doesn't get the names for some of the channels, just gives them a generic name. I've never had another receiver fail to get the right name for a full-time...
  4. Jim S.

    Why does it take sooo much time to "rebuild" US NAVY website?

    Laziness? Incompetence? The National Weather Service still hasn't updated its radar displays to not use Flash -- something that was supposed to have happened by May 2020 also. I'm sure they'll blame it on the pandemic, but that shouldn't have been an excuse because the programmers should've...
  5. Jim S.

    Calibration of a TV

    The problem I had with trying to copy someone else's settings for my TV was that the manufacturer had changed the internals of the unit without changing the model number. The result wasn't just sub-optimal, it was completely ridiculous.
  6. Jim S.


    Am I the only one who thinks this is really annoying?
  7. Jim S.

    Hopper cannot see 5ghz wifi bands

    I don't know about the channel issue, but is it possible that the router is locked to channels wider than the Hopper supports, or locked to "ax" or "ac"? I believe the Hopper is only "n".
  8. Jim S.

    Newbe to FTA Satellite

    USALS should be easier to set up than DiSEqC 1.2 if you're doing it right. Assuming that 97W is above the horizon where you live, you shouldn't be getting an "out of range" message. I can only assume that you haven't set your latitude and longitude correctly in the USALS settings.
  9. Jim S.

    Any chance at all for 58W 4160H on a mini-BUD? Has anyone been successful?

    I don't know what the broadcast on 58 looks like, but the one on 103 was overcompressed the last time I looked at it. Ironic since Japan pioneered HD. Also, whoever it belongs to, it's not an official broadcast of NHK, so it's not something you should rely on sticking around.
  10. Jim S.

    VLF demo transmission Sunday morning
  11. Jim S.

    More SiriusXM channel changes

    I don't listen to Sirius much since I only have it on Dish, so I don't know what they've been doing with Classic Rewind lately, but it's traditional for terrestrial classic rock stations to do a Top X00 format on Memorial Day weekend or July 4th.
  12. Jim S.

    CSPAN analog still there?

    Been saying the same thing for years about NASA. For a long time the SD version was available on unsubscribed Dish receivers, but no longer.
  13. Jim S.

    Unbundle ESPN

    I'm not sure this is particularly an apt comparison. I thought it was established that ESPN charges a LOT more than most other channels. And if you do want ethnic or religious channels, you can get them for free over the air in some places, or on other satellites.
  14. Jim S.

    DISH Everywhere = Dish Nowhere

    You say On Demand works, do you mean in Dish Anywhere or on your receiver? If it doesn't work on your receiver, then you have a double NAT problem or something of that sort.
  15. Jim S.

    Quick question on SiriusXM music channels

    I remember reading something about a streaming-only channel when the on-air tribute was winding down, but I don't know if it was meant to be permanent. I'm not a subscriber.
  16. Jim S.

    Quick question on SiriusXM music channels

    Did they ever put the Rush channel on the air, or is it still just streaming?
  17. Jim S.

    Help connecting to hopper with wired internet

    Aren't there two ethernet ports on the Hopper? Maybe you have to use a specific one..
  18. Jim S.

    External Hard Drive from old account can't be used

    Blame Congress. Home recording of TV was explicitly ruled legal in the videotape days, so there's NO reason the Digital Millennium Copyright Act should've been passed. Anyone demanding that providers encrypt their content should've been told to get lost.
  19. Jim S.

    Frustrated by numerous program guide issues

    The Graham Norton Show on BBC America goes through periods of having the wrong description (usually, the prior week's show). It'll be OK for a couple of months, then off for a couple of months.
  20. Jim S.

    Frustrated by numerous program guide issues

    And now all of a sudden they're back to marking the daily rerun of Top Ten as new...