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    Power Off now works on Hopper 3

    POWER OFF in software version U307 works properly. This could have been fixed in an earlier version as I haven't checked since my H3 was installed and it had an early version like U302. Prior to the fix on H3 it functioned as a power ON.
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    DVR playback shortcuts missing

    A number of the shortcuts I've used to play programs no longer work. On H2, if you select a program in the DVR menu and there are multiple episodes, pressing PLAY will begin playing the newest program. If that program is recording it will play from the beginning. H3 resumes an older program...
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    Hopper 3 IR codes needed

    For the most part, H3 works with existing Dish IR commands but it does do a few things differently than previous Dish receivers. I'm hoping someone can help track down codes since you can't learn commands from it's remote (RF only). Search used to be on the # button at the bottom of the keypad...
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    Hopper 3 frequency usage

    When the original Hopper was released, a document was posted that showed the frequencies of three tuners and MOCA. I'd be interested in seeing this for the Hopper 3 system.
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    Hybrid switch ?

    What's the likelihood that Dish will create a switch that can combine 3-4 dishes and produce the DPH signal that Hopper 3 uses? I have a 1000+ and DPP 33 switch that I installed years ago when the old satellite at 129 was having problems, and I now enjoy higher rain fade margin from it. I also...
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    Lowest cost plan that includes HD

    I'm helping out a friend reduce their programming costs. For some reason, Dish has hidden HD costs on the programming page. I did a chat with a Dish agent (yes I know, big mistake). I asked about the availability of HD with the Welcome Pack and Smart Pack and she indicated the lowest cost plan...
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    DishAnywhere logout issue

    Set AdBlock to disable on all pages on: Disabling AdBlock on BOTH domains was necessary. After AdBlock was setup, I removed the cookies for and Quit Safari. I can now log in and out of --
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    Error 05

    I've recently started seeing Error 05 indicating "file" problems when trying to view a DVR program. This morning, one of my regular shows split into two separate recordings, the first resulted in Error 05 and would not play. I found this error code under "Hard Drive Failure" on the Dish web...
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    4000 channel range

    Anyone know about the 4000 range of channels? I help out at a local community access station and they have a commercial account with Dish. Free Speech TV is on 9415 for me and was for them up until a couple of days ago. They have a commercial Dish account. I called Dish and they sent me to 4379...
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    Manual timers on 922 - more or less

    I have found a way to set something that comes close to a manual timer from the 922 menus: In the process of editing a timer, you have options under "Episodes" that simulate a manual timer. The choices are: Daily, Mon-Fri and Weekly. If you select one of these, events are created based on...
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    Eliminating leased receiver fee

    I've had a ViP 622 for a couple of years and noticed I was still paying the $7 leased receiver fee when others were not. I talked with Dish and they said the fee would remain until my receiver was upgraded. So I asked what it would cost to swap out to a ViP 612 since I didn't need a second TV...
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    New fees simplified

    I think I've wrapped my mind around all the Aug 1 changes and have a simple formula to avoid headaches. Correct me if I'm wrong. Classic Bronze $35 Classic Silver $48 Classic Gold $58 Everything pack (didn't look at it) Add HBO to any package $16 Add Showtime to any package $13 Add...
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    Known problem - don't call us message

    I was tweaking my dish the other day and got a strange message. I happened to be on a local channel (Sacramento) when signal was interrupted (common when realigning the dish). A message appeared on the screen indicating that Dish Network was aware of the problem and that service would be...
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    Switch options for Dish 1000 plus and one ViP622

    I'm trying to figure out what switches will work with a Dish 1000 plus dish and a ViP622 dual tuner receiver. I've just got the one receiver so I really don't need a multi-output switch. I don't really need the 118 satellite, just 110, 119 and 129. The DPP44 is expensive but does support...