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  1. epokopac

    Fox RSNs will be gone from YouTube TV on 10-1-2020

    This time it appears to be for good. Hope Sinclair goes bankrupt.
  2. epokopac

    Multi Sport Pack in Top 120?

    I don't recall it ever being available on any package under AT120+ and I doubt that Dish has changed that. For our family, it's worth it since we are big baseball (MLB Strike Zone) and football (NFL RedZone) fans. Give them a call (or chat). You might be able to get a 6 months at half price deal.
  3. epokopac

    Redzone channel 155 not in guide

    I'd give Dish a call. Don't let them off the phone until you can see that channel that you are paying for. I'm on EA and both 154 and 155 were "active" in my guide (My Channels, etc.) soon after Dish activated them last Sunday.
  4. epokopac

    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    Stopped my auto renewal for MLB EI. No need to activate the Multi Sports Pack for MLB Strike Zone as well. Have a nice Preferred Customer Offer on AT200 until FEB 2021.
  5. epokopac

    Question about Center Ice and Extra Innings

    This may help you. I am in the Atlanta DMA (Braves country). I subscribe to MLB EI and get all the games presented that night that do NOT involve the Braves (for example, Indians, D-backs, etc. are in the clear). The Braves regional RSN (Fox South or Fox Southeast) game that night PLUS the...
  6. epokopac

    Cox Media running channel scrolls for Dish Dispute

    A 7pm ET deadline of Jan 14 for DISH and Apollo Global-owned Cox Media Group to strike a new retrans agreement has been extended to 1:59am on Wednesday, Jan 15. The program guide for that station appeared to be normal this morning (WED 1-15).
  7. epokopac

    Cox Media running channel scrolls for Dish Dispute

    Doesn't sound like much of an agreement if it was only good for 9.5 months:
  8. epokopac

    DISH reaches long-term carriage agreement with Fox

    The "Fox" RSNs are owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group now. Something will get worked out (Rome wasn't built in a day:)).
  9. epokopac

    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Doesn't make any sense to me. I would think that a game is the property of the NFL and that they (the NFL) can do what they want with it, including showing it on their own network/channel. I personally would tell Fox to go f**k themselves.
  10. epokopac

    FOX Dispute?

    Haven't really "explored" the product's capabilities in detail. Perhaps someone that has had it longer than 5 days (me :)) can help with those questions. Take advantage of the free one week trial. You can then see if it meets you needs.
  11. epokopac

    FOX Dispute?

    Bought a Roku Premiere device last Friday and activated Hulu + Live TV (free one week trial). So far, so good :). Has my Atlanta DMA RSNs, FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, so I'm happy. May have to cut back on what I subscribe to on Dish. Give it a try and see if it works for you.
  12. epokopac

    Phoenix Meredith stations dispute?

    Different dispute (RSNs). Hopefully they can work something out soon on that.
  13. epokopac

    fox sports dispute

    I am in the Atlanta DMA (Braves country *). I have MLB EI and all the out of market games (Indians, D-Backs, ...) are available to me in HD and SD. It doesn't matter what the "Dish" blackout status is. I would imagine it's because the EI package is an MLB entity and you pay extra for it. They...
  14. epokopac

    Dish and Another RSN Dispute (Altitude)

    "or they allow a "plus" version of every package (AT200 has no RSN's while AT200+ does, just like the top 120 setup)" Sounds like good idea to me. Not everybody is into sports. Hope a deal on the RSNs comes pretty soon. Glad the ACC Network was activated.
  15. epokopac

    New Charge on Dish Bill

    Might have something to do with this: Satellite providers had been paying on a per-satellite-license basis, while other multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) paid on a per-subscriber basis, but the FCC in 2015 put DBS in that per-sub MVPD category at 12 cents per sub to start with...