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    DirecTV ditches cheapest plan for new subscribers

    NEW SUBSCRIBERS! Are they forcing current subs to move to a higher tier? No. I don't see what you are worried about.
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    Did Stankey Just Say AT&T Doesn’t Need DTV?

    ATT is a publicly traded company. Any statements made by Stankey are going to be made very, very carefully. I'm not sure what people are expecting but you're not going to get anything detailed unless it's already pretty much carved in stone, especially with technology that can change so quickly.
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    Looks like they came down on the price of HBO with the addition of HBOmax

    I just called and was told that anyone paying full price for HBO ($17.99) will automatically have that price adjusted down to $14.99.
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    Why does AT&T offer DirecTV and a traditional TV service? (AT&T TV)

    No, that is NOT what they're doing with Directv. ATT TV is a streaming service but has a dedicated device. Completely different service.
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    Free NFL/ST?

    Same here. Just got my bill and it shows NFL ST MAX. Not counting on anything since it's four months until the season starts...and that's if it starts on time or at all.
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    HS 17

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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    Time will tell but time also marches on. Technology changes and companies that don't change with it die. Instead of worrying about losing something, I'd prefer to get excited about things to come.
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    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Just sub to the out of market package (Center Ice / League Pass both include the streaming packages), use a VPN and stream the damn games. End of problem. Yeah, it's a bit of gray area, but it's not like anyone's stealing anything that way.
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Look, I get the fact that some folks are upset about the way things are going but again, ATT is in business for one thing and one thing make money...and they are doing just that. You can't look at the number of video subs any more than measuring the success of ATT based on landline...
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Nothing shocking here. This is a conscious decision by ATT to let non-profitable video subs walk.
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    AT&T Wants to Move DIRECTV Customers to Streaming Services Like AT&T TV & HBO Max

    And there it is! That is the key here. It just amazes me how many times I keep reading comments that paint ATT management as clueless. They know exactly what they're doing. This is going to take years. Companies that don't have a roadmap for 5-10 years out are going to be doomed.
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    Adding 4K questions

    The simplest thing to do is move the 54 into the other room and use C61K in the bedroom.
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    Switching from Dish to Directv

    I've had one for more than two years. No complaints. Two wired 4K clients that are solid and two wireless that are okay. The wireless clients are in rooms that are not imperative. One's in an office and one gets moved around between a spare bedroom and the porch. They're okay but they do...
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    Switching from Dish to Directv

    If it's a Genie 2 (HS17) it can be installed anywhere as it's just a headless server. Gotta ask though, why do you want wireless? They're okay, but they're not as dependable as the wired clients.
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    Refund For Dropped Channels?

    I got $30 during the CBS thing.
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    2 years and..........

    ATT is NOT killing itself. This whole thing has me laughing. ATT management knows exactly what it's doing. The company, on the whole, is a money machine. So what if they're losing DTV subs? They know who they're making money on and who they're not. If a low margin customer calls to cancel...
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    Thinking of getting Directv - Few Questions Regarding Equipment

    On the plus side, you can put it just about anywhere.
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    Thinking of getting Directv - Few Questions Regarding Equipment

    Just to be clear for the OP, you can have two C61Ks with an HR54 but you can only watch 4K on one TV at a time. With an HS17 you'd be able to watch 4K on both. Two 4K streams is the max with an HS17 but you can have more than two clients with either one.
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    AT&T is Raising The Price of DIRECTV $10 a Month For New Subscribers Effective Today

    So what? I have to shake my head over stuff like this. Contrary to what many think, ATT management knows what it's doing. I'm going to guess that they've looked at what happens to subs that take these ridiculously low intro offers and have seen that many bolt as soon as the contract is up. By...