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    My Dish Experience

    Something is not right about this post. Op is posting images from a event 2 weeks ago. Not anything recent.
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    external hard drive test

    I have changed the times, reduced the standby timer and the receiver reboots in the middle of the night because i sometimes have split recordings. This was not a problem in the past as I have had the H3 since it first came out. This problem started showing up approx 4 updates ago.
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    external hard drive test

    My Hopper3 gives a 514c and 1599 errors 2-3 times a week usually in the middle of something I want to watch. The 514c something is wrong error there is no way to stop the system from rebooting and running the 1599 system check. This is really starting to make me mad and if its not fixed soon I...
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    Dish beats profit estimates and add customers

    This is one of the few times it would be interesting for Claude to be here.
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    Locals down?

    Down in Little Rock AR
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    I'm about to order Flex+Hopper. New Customer.

    I have better luck with the WD :Passport drives that use usb power, no external power
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    Check Out This Dispute

    Claude agreed with Charlie. The world must be ending.
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    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Charlie's or Claude's?
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    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Claude is way past getting old with his Dish crap. If they owe you sue them and win. If its already been adjudicated and you lost then they don't owe you. If you did not sue them for millions thats your fault and they do not owe you. If they owe you then sue them and hush about it. If not then...
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    Free ota antenna email from dish

    Wonder if PTAT will work using the OTA instead of the dish locals?
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    EHD and Upgrade from Hopper 2 to 3

    My H3 is still doing the black screen the first time also. Maybe with a little luck one of the engineers will get off their ass and fix this and the home media before we die of old age.
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    Issues Surrounding CUI Update

    The Hopper 3 is light years better than any of the other receivers. As soon as you hit the button to do something its done. The Video On Demand is super fast compared to the other units. The joeys have a little lag to them but its not bad at all. Once you use the hopper3 you will never want to...
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    U344 - can't record /set up timers

    I have had to do a master reset on my hopper to fix the recording issue 3 times. If it happens again the whole mess is going in the front yard and cable or direct is going in its place. Missed the Super Bowl due to it and then missed the Chicago cross over last night due to it.
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    NFL Network Dispute? -- Resolved

    Never watched the channel in the first place. Only game I watch is the super bowl.
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    Hopper 3 - Corrupted Recordings - Error 04

    Now if they could get the correct programs listed under the correct folders.
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    I am interested Thanks
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    This actually sounds like a pretty good idea. Let the ones that want to use pay for it and the rest of us that doesnt use it are not penalized.
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    espnu hd

    I just hope we have ESPN in HD when the new contract goes into effect.
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    MS blames PC makers for disappointing Win8 sales

    Simply put windows 8 on a business level laptop sucks. We are using win7 and XP on all of our business laptops and will continue to do so for as long as possible. The only way we would consider upgrading to windows 8 is if they restored the classic desktop.