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    Nick West HD uplinked in Hidden Test Mode.

    New Uplinks / Mappings – Channels Available 9545 NICKW (171 HD) Nickelodeon West added to 110° TP 13 (HD Hidden) AVAILABLE (Limited) 9545 NICKW (171 HD) Nickelodeon West added to 72.7° TP 23 (HD Hidden) AVAILABLE (Limited) Hopefully we will get TVLAND HD soon!
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    Keep in mind Dish will turn your service off for non pay!!

    Noticed tv today was missing lots of channels. Checked my account and it was disconnected. Somehow I had a past due balance of $15.99...Paid the $15.99 service was restored immediately with not restoration fee.
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    Encore Multiplex HD in Uplink Report

    So does this mean that we may see the Encore Multiplex HD channels now? /19/20 at 2:59am ET (v26) – 40 changes seen New Uplinks / Mappings – Channels Available 9479 ENESP (348 HD) added to 110° 18s48 and 18s49 (Cuba / Puerto Rico) (HD Hidden) AVAILABLE (Limited) EPG linked to 129° TP 23 Ch 9479...
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    Hopper 3 and Weak OTA issues causing a reboot

    When watching a weak OTA channel with signal Red of 69 or lower the Hopper 3 reboots every time.. Do you guys have similar results?
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    Showtime Family Zone HD testing in Uplink Report

    New Uplinks / Mappings – Channels NOT Available 9478 SHOFZ (324 HD) Showtime Family Zone added to 129° TP 28 (HD *TEST* Hidden) 9478 SHOFZ (324 HD) Showtime Family Zone added to 61.5° TP 15 (HD *TEST* Hidden) 26167 SHOFZ (324) Showtime Family Zone added to SVOD (50002) (SD *TEST* Hidden)
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    CBS On Demand is active!

    Dish now has CBS on Demand!! Finally!
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    Looks like Dish May drop FX networks..

    I just saw a commercial on FXX wanting us to call Dish to keep the channels. Also they are listed now on Dishpromise where they were not earlier today.
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    Dish is very busy anytime you call or chat Why?

    Seems like now every time you call or chat with dish they are extremely busy.. Normally 50 or so in the Q.. did they cut back on reps? I know the Fox sports dispute is going on but that should not keep phones that busy.. Ideas?
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    Dish offered Me Free OTA antenna Install

    I had a tech here today changing some equipment around. I called Dish and deactivated a hopper 3 and He said my account qualified for a Free OTA Antenna install so I could possibly cancel my local channels with them and save $12 a month. I'm about 50 Miles from Charlotte NC and Columbia SC...
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    Starz/Encore soon to not be available in the AT250?

    If you look on Dish's site comparing packages, when comparing everything and AT250 it shows no starz/encore channels in the AT250....I still have the channels in my AT250 package.
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    Need Wiring diagram for 1 Hopper 3 and 1 Wally thanks

    I want to hook up a hopper 3 and a wally to a Dish 1000.2 with a Eastern Arc Hybrid LNB. What special equipment is needed? thanks
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    10ft Cband Dish almost 2 years later

    Here is what my system looks like today. it all still works well. I haven't had to replace anything yet. My dish still has a little slop from day 1I am not sure how to get out or where it's coming from. i can only go to 55W -139W. I can't go much farther east or the dish just falls to the...
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    Sound Low on SD Channels and use on L Channel

    I have a HR54 with a C61K Client. SD channels now the sounds is extremely low and looks to he just Left Channel. This started recently.. has something changed? it's not good I watch some of the SD Channels. Thanks
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    Where do i find CBS?..

    I have found ABC.. FOX.. NBC.. but CBS is nowhere to be found.. so where are you guys watching CBS on the big dish?.. I'v scanned the Cband and Ku Satellites.
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    10ft Mesh dish install in upstate SC needed

    Can someone here recommend a good installer for cband systems? I purchased a 10ft Mesh dish fta system and in need of someone to install it.. Who should I call thanks. around York/Chester/Lancaster county area