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    Belichick named Coach of the year.

    Wins his 3rd. Paul
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    Sun Sports: When is HD not HD?

    I watched the Lightning/Leafs game last night and couldn't get over the poor PQ of Sun Sports Network. My tv said it was in 720P but to me it was 480P. I switched over to NHL Net. to compare. BIG DIFFERENCE! Sun Sports, to me is shortchanging Subs.-or is it Brighthouse downrezing picture? Any...
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    RCN Cable experiences wanted

    I know RCN has a limited area but I'm considering a switch from DishNet to them-RCN has a triple play promo that's very inviting. Any input is appreciated. Paul
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    Residential acct to commer. acct to resid. acct. -help

    I had residencial acct. for 4 yrs but because my apt(2nd floor) has commercial businesses on first floor I was forced by Dish to switch to commercial acct. The Dish Tech did this over the phone w/me and took about 30 minutes. Now I've actually moved to a single family house and want my resident...
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    Pats Pioli to Chiefs,Seeley to Browns

    the boston globe/espn reported scott pioli has accepted offer to run the show as KC's new GM. Also reported that Brad Seeley,Pats special teams coach will join the Cleveland Browns staff. Boston College names Def. Coord. Frank Spaziani as head coach.
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    Watching Bruins on NESN HD on 5434 & Celtics on CSNNE HD on 5435 when screens go blank! Did a 6-1-1 to check strength-normal. All my other HD ch. on 61.5 various tp's ok. Why is that tp30 is the only tp I have a problem with? ps-both post game shows over-normal screen back. I know others in...
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    RCN forces cable boxes on customers!

    Last week in Boston area,RCN suddenly went all digital and changed their channel line-up. Basic is still 2-27 but the rest jump to 107 up. This forces even basic subs to lease a $4.oomo. digital box. + no real advance notice. I was under the impression that Cable Operators and the U.S...
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    Pedroia A.L. MVP

    Dustin Pedroia finishes 1st, Justin Morneau 2nd and Kevin Youkilis 3rd in the voting just announced! Pud
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    smartcard ?

    I have 3-211's . I own 2 & lease 1. Dish sent me 2 smartcards for the 2 owned units. Why not 1 for the leased unit? I didn't want to call Dish and deal w/CSR's. Any info would help. thanks,paul