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    What's up with Starz Plus Pak??

    Ok, I've been a subscriber since April and have been loving it. HOWEVER, I recently spoke with customer service and switched my plus pak from Showtime Unlimited to Starz. The first day was fine. A day later though I punch in channel 261 (StarzHD) and get BravoHD...??? But the pg for 261 is...
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    Voom ads on FoxNews

    My parents have D* and they say they're seeing more and more ads for Voom on FoxNews.
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    Jay Leno not in 16x9

    I surfed over to local channel NBC last night and saw Jay Leno in HD 16x9...looked good. I surfed back a little later and it was in 4x3. Did I change format somehow? I had forgotten to try the aspect ratio button on my TV remote, but was wondering if there was anything on the Voom remote that...
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    Now an official Voomer - Install complete!

    Well, after about 1 1/2 hrs, I am now an official voomer! Had a 2-room install in an apt on 2nd floor. Used umbrella stand for dish mount. Works great. I'm stoked. Installer was nice and helpful...knew what he was doing (though a couple hours late due to a difficult install 45 mi away). He...
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    H-Town Voomers post here (yee haw!)

    Hey all you Houston TX Voomers! Post your experiences here. OTA experience, signal, etc., etc. I'm a VOOM wannabe....but will be a newbie on 4/7! Giddee up!