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  1. delta_charlie

    DMR, Pi-Star hotspot - lots to learn

    Hi all, curious if anyone on the forum has been messing around with DMR and the Pi-star hotspot? One of my hobbies is I love messing around with the Raspberry Pi and when I recently learned that a DMR hotspot can be setup on the Pi zero using Pi-star software and an inexpensive MMDVM hat that...
  2. delta_charlie

    New antenna for 1090, Dump1090 running on Raspberry Pi Zero

    Hi all decided to re-configure my ADS-B station. It is now running on a Raspberry Pi Zero mounted remote at the new FlightAware 1090 antenna. I have a FTA Ku band dish mounted up above roof level on a mast that is the perfect spot for a small light antenna. Only problem was the dish was in...
  3. delta_charlie

    Tracking aircraft with dump1090 ADS-B Raspberry Pi

    Hi all, having more fun with the little Raspberry Pi remote mounted at the discone antenna. I live right under the approach to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and thought it would fun and interesting to see if I could get Dump1090 running on the Raspberry Pi. Not sure I went about it in...
  4. delta_charlie

    Linux, GQRX, 70cm band, D-star, Fusion decode?

    Hi all, anybody tried decoding some of the digital amateur radio on the 70cm band? I have GQRX running on a Debian 10 desktop connecting to a Raspberry Pi 3+ at the antenna using TCP. Trying to figure out what might be the best and least complex way to do this. Really like GQRX and would...
  5. delta_charlie

    SDR Raspberry pi, mounted remote at antenna?

    Hi all, I had just got back from my morning run and was looking at my discone antenna when the thought came to mind why not shorten the cable (reduce loss) and setup and mount a SDR Raspberry pi combo next to the mast. Then I should be able to access the Raspberry pi by WIFI and not have the...
  6. delta_charlie

    Slick low cost mast hinge, much safer!

    Hi all, just wanted to share a simple mast hinge idea I came up with years ago that makes working on and installing a small outdoor antenna much safer. Instead of climbing a ladder up onto the roof and reaching up high next to the edge of the roof (not safe) go to one of the big box stores and...
  7. delta_charlie

    Early morning beat the heat, found something?

    Hi all, got up early this morning and setup on the roof top to try and bring an old FTA dish back to life. Had a bad LNB (lightning) and installed a new universal LNB and got busy trying to find something. Was aiming for 87W and found something. Tried looking up on LyngSat but can't find a...
  8. delta_charlie

    Fresh scan, now up to 95 channels.

    Just did a fresh scan and got 95 channels with a small UHF/H-VHF antenna. A bit amazed at how much I'm getting but it is flat around here with little to block reception. Central Florida has excellent OTA!
  9. delta_charlie

    Bringing old 80 cm dish back to life?

    Hi all, I have an old 80 cm Ku dish up at roof level and I'm thinking of bringing it back to life. It has clear sight from about 15W to 90W with a tree that might be in the way from 90W to maybe 115W then clear again to near the west horizon. It's not real easy to access and I would like to try...
  10. delta_charlie

    Pansat Pansat 3500SD stuck on H

    Hi all, I have an old Pansat 3500 SD receiver that is stuck on horizontal transponders. A quick voltage check shows 20 volts DC on both V and H transponders. A little info that might help, best I can remember the unit was hooked up to the coax running to the dishes but off when lightning hit...
  11. delta_charlie

    DISH 311 receiver still usable?

    Hi all, I have an old Dish 311 SD receiver and was curious if it was still usable? If it is what might be some options for me to look at to get some basic service (news) . Do not want to sign a contract. PS - still have a Dish 500 on 110/119 provided I did not hit it with the mower. Thanks, DC
  12. delta_charlie

    SDR digital decoding with DSD or DSDplus?

    Hi all, anybody tried decoding digital using SDRsharp, NooElec sdr dongle with the R820T chip and DSD or DSDplus? I have been trying for a while with dismal results. I have a decent antenna, Hustler DCX discone up 15 feet. It pulls in tons of analog and when I try digital the signal is strong...
  13. delta_charlie

    Antenna review, ? on broadcast polarization.

    Hi all, long story short I had an UHF only TV antenna up and it worked great on all channels but one. I would get picture breakup on CH 2.1 and about 2 weeks ago it was so bad I got motivated to figure out why. Turns out CH 2.1 is on VHF high band and not UHF. Well that explains that. Ordered a...
  14. delta_charlie

    Using a stand alone dish positioner?

    Hi all, been wanting to get my 10 foot C-band dish back in full order. The old Sat receiver that I was using to position the dish died and I have been stuck on just one Sat. I'm thinking a stand alone positioner might be best - don't want to run new coax. Have not setup or used one before...
  15. delta_charlie

    Ideas to trouble shoot a loopy computer?

    Hi all, I had a PC that was working fine until I tried to do a net install of a Linux distro when a bad thunderstorm blew in and knocked out the power. Don't know if there was a surge as nothing else in the house had any problems. The trouble now is the computer will not stay up if trying to...
  16. delta_charlie

    Does Dish still offer the Versus channel? Is it named something else? Could not find it on Dish web

    Does Dish still offer the Versus channel? Is it named something else? Could not find it on Dish web site. Thanks, DC
  17. delta_charlie

    Panic pictures with auto upload?

    Hi all, while watching the news the other day I saw a report of a store getting robbed and the young lady that was getting robbed was taking pictures with her cellphone. That got me thinking a cellphone could perhaps be used to try and repel a crime if it could be made to automatically upload...
  18. delta_charlie

    Strange Diseqc switching problem?

    Hi all, I seem to have developed a strange switching problem that I have not been able to sort out. It goes like this, I turn my Pansat 3500 SD on and select a satellite, if I start with 97W it comes in then if I change satellites the others come in fine then if I go back to 97W there is no...
  19. delta_charlie

    Dish billing is driving me crazy!

    Hi all, I need to vent a little. I keep getting over charged on my account and after numerous attempts to get it fixed I have gotten fed up. Decided to remove auto pay and paperless billing because of the errors and plan to pay only what I agreed to. The problems started back on 5-14-11 when I...
  20. delta_charlie

    My signal quality kept getting worse, interesting cause and fix.

    Hi all, the signal quality on my BUD has been getting worse over the past two weeks or so and it got to the point I could not pick up anything. Going off a hunch, I wanted to take a close look at the feed horn and probe but my BUD is mounted above the roof and I can not easily look inside so I...