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    What antenna do you recommend for my location

    Hi All, I'm trying to install a new antenna (based on recommendations from this site) but based on my location some channels seems pretty distant and therefore with dB coming into my house. Here is my tvfool's report:
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    Actuator in which location does it go left or right?

    Hi All, I just install my c-band dish and I read a lot of good thing that I definitively need to take in consideration to be able to be up and running in no time. One of the things I saw in different posts that the actuator motor is set to the right side of the dish and I do have it in the left...
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    NBC East HD / Universal Sports on AMC3?

    I was checking this webpage and they have reported two new channels on AMC3 @ 103 W. The new channels are: NBC East MPEG2/HD and Universal Sports both of them are on this frequency: SR: 12000 H Freq. 30000 5/6 Yes they are on KU Band at least...