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    When will we get MGMHD and Chiller HD and Cartoon Network Network HD

    Does anybody have any idea what package Chiller will fall on AT200 or 250?
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    I live the Boston area with all this moving around and the new satallits going up I need two dishes to get all my channels.If i am understanding right this eastern move to 61.5 does it mean when they done with the transfer I will only need 1 dish to get my channels?
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    Congrats to the Giants

    They say any given sundy even the worst teams have a chance.I guess we now know this is true.
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    Help Please

    I am trying to get my boston area ota .I am about 30-40 miles away from the towers and have tall trees in the yard.01463 is my zip. If anybody can help and tell me what the best set up would be I thank you.
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    I need help

    I got the 211 right now and would like to upgrade with dishing it up to the 622 dvr. I do have a hd package as well.I have been on the phone all night with dish trying to figure out what i can do. I got as far as 149 upfront is there any rebates or anything? I have talked to 5 reps 5 different...
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    Dish LIVE Retailer Chat Recap - December 20, 2006

    I am a bit confused here. I have the hd silver pack now. What will be my price increase be?If i am understanding this right they are going back to seperate hd pack of 20 bucks im i better off to shuffle things.Any help would be great than you !
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    quick dvr question

    About 4 months back i had dish installed and only got one hd box. I did not want hddvr at the time. Now i am thinking that i should of got one .Is there a way to get a hddvr box with out staring over on my contract ?
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    360 HD DVD to be $200

    I think it was smart to make it and seems to me people forget that the 360 does much more then play video games it is an amazing media hub.I am lucky to have media center and have every single CD I own at a push of a button.It makes a great pvr.Pretty soon I will be able to play DVD...
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    Well I just

    I know direct is cheaper but there is no contract with cable. plus issues on a daily basis with the new set up.I had techs take a look replaced the h20.its just bugs that need to be fixed.
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    Well I just

    With charter I get basic analog plus these hd for 72 a month with out any dvr ofcorse the movie channels are extra.The pq was not bad last time i had them. ESPN HD nesn Discovery HBO Showtime Cinemax PBS CBS ABC Fox nbc...
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    Well I just

    How is the vp 211 ?
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    Well I just

    Yea scott I know what u mean. That the bad part about trying new stuff .And thats why i was thinking about cable.Untill it is all worked out
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    Well I just

    left direct after 6 months.I am not going to sit here and bash them because they were not that bad.My issue was the mpeg 4 in the Boston area.They need to fix that. Like everybody else I want more HDTV I was planning on waiting it out till the new birds were up .I got sick of the audio drop...
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    When u sign up for dish

    thanks all yea i know the rubber roof sounds weird but it works up here in new England quite well.Thank you for the info i guess i have to decide if i wanna wait till Aug 1st to see the new deals.I do plan on ordering though this site its a great place.Thanks again
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    When u sign up for dish

    Are u charged the $49.99 for install . Second i will need the two dishes i live in the Boston area and my wife only wants the one dish. Is there a way the installer could have only 1 foot print of one dish and mount the other to that one foot print?My house has a rubber roof and we want to avoid...
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    Rsn And Nesnhd Alert!!!!! OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE!

    what time could we see these stations light up?
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    I am going to pick up a ota tommorw. I can get either CM #3021 for $24.00 or a cm 4228 for $50.00.Here is the thing the stations i want the towers are only 29 miles away and the towers are close together.Out of the two which would be best for me.My zip is 01463.
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    Nesn HD and other RSN Info

    if we do get nesn what package would it fall under sports, locals or HD?
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    I am trying

    a picture of the two dishes installed needed to get all the hd channels offered.I live around boston so i can not get dish 1000.The wife does not like the idea of two dishes on the roof connected . if i could find a picture to show her that it may not be that bad.So of anybody could share i...
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    How many

    dishes do u need to get voom and boston locals in hd?