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    Dish Protect unauthorized upgrade

    This is now the second time that a service call has resulted in being upgraded from Silver to Gold without any authorization. Is this common with the supporting tech companies? I once again canceled it! Crazy.
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    Joey 4K hangup and black screen

    Several times my Joey when watching a channel, freezes the picture and then displays a black screen. Selecting another channel fixes. I rebooted both my Hopper 3 and Joey, but still happens occasionally. Anyone else get this? Thanks. SJ
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    Second remote not working

    Have two remotes for our Hopper/sling. One of the remotes stopped working. It was still showing on the info screen, so I unpaired it. When I push the sat button, it does register. Any feedback on this? Put new batteries in. Lights up fine
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    Local channels in 721 Guide

    I noticed on my 721 (which is new) that the local channels show up in the listing by their OTA number (2,3,4,5,13, etc.) as well as in the 8000s. However, on my Model 6000 this doesn't happen. What's this about?