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    I live the Boston area with all this moving around and the new satallits going up I need two dishes to get all my channels.If i am understanding right this eastern move to 61.5 does it mean when they done with the transfer I will only need 1 dish to get my channels?
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    Help Please

    I am trying to get my boston area ota .I am about 30-40 miles away from the towers and have tall trees in the yard.01463 is my zip. If anybody can help and tell me what the best set up would be I thank you.
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    I need help

    I got the 211 right now and would like to upgrade with dishing it up to the 622 dvr. I do have a hd package as well.I have been on the phone all night with dish trying to figure out what i can do. I got as far as 149 upfront is there any rebates or anything? I have talked to 5 reps 5 different...
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    quick dvr question

    About 4 months back i had dish installed and only got one hd box. I did not want hddvr at the time. Now i am thinking that i should of got one .Is there a way to get a hddvr box with out staring over on my contract ?
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    Well I just

    left direct after 6 months.I am not going to sit here and bash them because they were not that bad.My issue was the mpeg 4 in the Boston area.They need to fix that. Like everybody else I want more HDTV I was planning on waiting it out till the new birds were up .I got sick of the audio drop...
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    When u sign up for dish

    Are u charged the $49.99 for install . Second i will need the two dishes i live in the Boston area and my wife only wants the one dish. Is there a way the installer could have only 1 foot print of one dish and mount the other to that one foot print?My house has a rubber roof and we want to avoid...
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    I am going to pick up a ota tommorw. I can get either CM #3021 for $24.00 or a cm 4228 for $50.00.Here is the thing the stations i want the towers are only 29 miles away and the towers are close together.Out of the two which would be best for me.My zip is 01463.
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    I am trying

    a picture of the two dishes installed needed to get all the hd channels offered.I live around boston so i can not get dish 1000.The wife does not like the idea of two dishes on the roof connected . if i could find a picture to show her that it may not be that bad.So of anybody could share i...
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    How many

    dishes do u need to get voom and boston locals in hd?
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    Just HDTV

    I was wondering whats the best way to only get only the voom channels?I want nothing else
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    PBS WB Boston HD

    Hi I found this wierd I have the boston locals in HD. I was just flipping though the guide and such. I noticed wb and pbs in hd i clicked it .Then it said that channel is not purchesed.So I went back and tried again now the stations are gone.If you got boston locals we may have a little treat...
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    H20 issues

    I just got D installed I had a great install. The guys were great but has anybody had any issues with the H20?My active button does not work like on the other boxes in the house. I press and nothing happens.Second when i try to set my favorite stations in the menu my box resets it's self. Does...
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    OTA Help

    Im trying to set up my first ota i got everything all set.Is there a meter i can buy to bring on the roof that can help me get the signal in?
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    Price Increase Question

    I know dish will be raising there prices soon I am really not sure what the new prices will be .So my question is all I really want is HDTV from dish at60. My cable does not cut it. With the new channels being added what would I be looking at for a monthly bill for 1 basic mpeg 4 receivers and...
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    Please Help?

    Hi I have some questions I am thinking of getting Dish. What is the club dish referral number i hear about? how do u get one?What does it get you.Last question I know dish is coming out with receivers to replace the basic 811. When will we be able to get these on the install instead of somebody...
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    Any guesses when we will see the roll out for locals in hd and mpeg 4 for boston.At the same time do you think they will be offering the $200.00 rebate on the h20?
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    Dish 1000

    Hi I live in the north east. I was thinking about getting the dish 1000 so I do not need 2 dishes to get the voom channels.Can somebody tell me the azimuth and elevation of the new 129? So I can see if I am in the clear in my area before i get the dish!Thanks
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    Please Help

    Hi I was hoping somebody could help. I was looking into getting D or E for my service. I have Charter for cable they have next to nothing for HD. I started to look at D and E but my issue with D and E is there long term contract which I do not want to sign. If D or E rolls out enough HD I would...
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    OTA question

    Do you need a ota to watch locals in HD with dish network?
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    New Install

    Hi I was looking for help on doing a self install. What I would like to do is set up dish network on my TV to receive only HD channels and the Voom channels. I was wondering what is the list of equipment I would need to do this. I was planning on getting an 811 off of eBay. I know I need 2...