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    HD feeds being added to Welcome Pack!

    I'm pretty sure I'm on the Grandfathered rate. I'm paying $30.99 + the DVR fees and other add-ons. I know it doesn't matter, but my dish set-up is old school D500 with DPP Twin and a D300 pointed at 129.
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    Tennis Channel HD added to Welcome Pack?

    Just a random thought, but have you thought about logging on and "waking" your receiver. Even though it's not "asleep", it couldn't hurt to send it a hit. Worth trying, IMO.
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    Tennis Channel HD added to Welcome Pack?

    I have the Welcome Pack and on WA and I'm getting chan. 400 in both SD and HD (129).
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    Eastern Ark and western ark

    I've wondered about that, too. If you had both 129 and 61.5 signals, is the receiver 'smart' enough to switch to the other during weather related outage?
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    That clears things up. I'll order the right one tonight. Thank you, Bobby.
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    Ok, good. I'm trying to get that to work, but it's doing nothing. Quick question: my adapter has 2 nicks on the edge that appear to be lights. If so, do they light up when you plug it into the USB port?
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    Do you know if the white AirTV adaptor works with the Wally?
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    Wally and VIP on same account possible?

    Success! The Wally arrived, booted right up, talked to a nice CSR from Wisconsin and told her I would be using the Wally while camping (may or may not have mattered, but is truthful). No problem, she said. She did try to upgrade my 'antiquated' setup (722+211+Wally-all owned) to Hopper, but I...
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    Could a WestArc dish work for EastArc sat?

    I only carry one dish in my camper; a WA 1000.2. Depending on the trees at my campsite, I can swing it either way. I only use 61.5 and 72 EA, though.
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    help aiming dish

    Do you just believe the dish has been moved or is the pole bent at all?
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    Wally and VIP on same account possible?

    I had a brief phone conversation with Dish CSR 'Craig' (seemed US based). While he didn't pull up my account, I explained my setup to him and what I wanted to do. He didn't seem to think it would be a problem. Meanwhile, the Wally is on the way. Stay tuned.
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    Wally and VIP on same account possible?

    I have a 211 and would be purchasing a Wally (because I want an RF remote for this setup). I saw some older posts about Dish not allowing this. Can I have both?
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    EHD Troubles

    Recently my 722 died, which Dish promptly replaced. When I got around to hooking up the EHD that I had been using on the old 722, I got an error code and a message that the receiver needs to format the drive in order for it to work (or words to that effect). I then tried a different drive that...
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    Newbie Needs Help with DP Twin to DVR512 and D301

    The 512 *should* have come with a Separator, but it doesn't hurt to have a spare. The route you took was probably the best and easiest. As long as you don't disturb the dish while mounting the new Twin, you should be up and running in no time. Be sure to run a 'check switch' on the 301 to see if...
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    Dish America HD "Metal" Packages no longer offered?

    I was at earlier as I was exploring options on downgrading service for a short time. I remembered seeing this thread several days ago, but hadn't clicked on it. Anyway, you can add me to the "greyed out" list. ;)
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    Got a call from DISH Network today. They said they my receivers weren't updating or something?

    I'm down to just running one receiver now, so the chances of them calling are low. However, at one time I was running three dual tuners (before they jacked the rates). I was HOPING they would call. I would love to give a power-tripping audit dude a piece of my mind. I guarantee the call would...
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    New Hire - Tips and Advice

    You'll either love it or hate it. I do know that in-house techs are usually treated better (and paid more) than the RSP guys. Good luck with your new job.
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    Will 512 Work With Both IR and UHF Pro Remotes At The Same Time?

    It won't matter how much you try to make it work, the 508 remote will never control the 512 via UHF. They use different frequencies. At best the 508 remote will serve as a backup IR remote.
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    Subscription reinstatement

    Not necessarily, I had a 322 disconnected for about 2 weeks while remodeling and it needed a re-hit.
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    722k with 2 external drives

    Fear not. I 'hot swap' the usb cable between my two EHDs often. I do wait the few seconds it takes for the receiver to tell me that the drive is disconnected, then clear the warning, THEN plug in the other drive. I don't know if this is necessary, but why take chances..