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  1. JerryDowning

    RIP Cincinnati Reds HOF, Joe Morgan

    Rest in peace, Joe.
  2. JerryDowning

    Regional sports channels removed

    I was planning on dropping Dish until they came to their senses about Chicago sports but I found out that we would lose access to movies that we had recorded over the years so it looks like I will remain subscribed to Dish.
  3. JerryDowning

    Baseball in July?

    I have been with Dish since 1989. If it gets to the point where I cannot watch the Cubs or the White Sox, I will be gone since both channels are locked out by Dish.
  4. JerryDowning

    Hopper 3 issues

    I've had the same problem. I had thought it was due to the fact that most of the local stations in Chicago had gone out of service due to massive flooding.
  5. JerryDowning

    EHD Folders

    Is it possible to create folders on an EHD? My wife has a number of different folders on the internal drive and we are getting low on disc space. I would like to move folders and recordings to an EHD but I don't know how to do it. Help!
  6. JerryDowning


    I have 3 2TB drives attached to my Hopper3 and they work fine. Sometimes when the Hopper reboots at night, one or even all the EHDs do not show up, but usually they are all there in the morning.
  7. JerryDowning

    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    I was planning on ditching Dish due to the lack of baseball being aired in Chicago due to disputes with Dish. Now that the baseball season won't start until mid-summer, I will keep Dish for now until the season starts. Maybe they will resolve this by then.
  8. JerryDowning

    NBC Sports Chicago Removes Channel from DISH

    Several years ago, the Bulls sent Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson packing after their third consecutive championship. I have not attended nor watched a single game since. Baseball season is over for the White Sox so I won't miss any games for several months. I am...
  9. JerryDowning

    Dish off in storm, permanently?

    I think that Hurricane Dorian may have some influence here by keeping all Dish workers busy.
  10. JerryDowning

    EHD issue

    I think that I figured this out. When the Hopper 3 resets, it spins the drives up and then checks them. The Hopper is too fast. It checks the drives before they have time to fully spin up and they are not recognized. I tried going over this with Dish on the computer. Unfortunately there was a...
  11. JerryDowning

    Notice to Update Programming & Software?

    I only get that message if something is being recorded or watched at the time that my daily reset is scheduled. (4.00am) If the Hopper is left on a music channel, it stays on and may interfere with resets. The main gripe that I have is that when the receiver resets is that the EHDs don't spin up...
  12. JerryDowning

    Complete DVR mystery, need help -

    Or it became unplugged while all this other work was being done.
  13. JerryDowning

    Best EHD For the Hopper 3

    I have been tempted to use SSDs since my Hopper3 is too dang fast for my EHDs. Each night the Hopper3 does a system check followed by a reset. The Hopper3 checks for EHDs at the completion of all this but they do not spin up fast enough to be found so there are no drives in my list. In order to...
  14. JerryDowning

    Is Dish heading towards dropping locals?

    I would be OK if they dropped locals if I could get a local tuner that was capable of recording more than two channels on my Hopper. My wife records soap operas and cooking shows while I am recording the news and watching sports. I am sure that local stations have a gripe with Dish because they...
  15. JerryDowning

    New EHD Problem

    I have installed a third EHD and when I transfer recordings to the new drive, I get errors. The Hopper will let me transfer from any EHD to the Hopper with no problems but if I try to transfer a recording from the Hopper to an EHD it will not allow it if the recording was previously on another...
  16. JerryDowning

    Winding down with Dish

    The only problem I have with OTA is that there are times when I watch the news while my wife is recording soap operas and game shows. There are not enough OTA tuners to make all of this possible.
  17. JerryDowning

    I want to add an EHD

    Thank you very much.
  18. JerryDowning

    I want to add an EHD

    I would like to add one or more EHDs. I see that Dish requires that they be externally powered. The only drives that are available at my place of purchase are not externally powered. I am wondering if I can plug these drives into a powered 8 port adaptor and have them work. Is the still a limit...
  19. JerryDowning

    U527 new software on hopper 3 DVR

    Is there a way to make Hopper reboot automatically after an update. My external hard drives go to sleep after the middle of the night update. A reboot usually brings them back but a reboot is sometimes impossible to do due to something recording or someone watching TV. They tend to get pi$$ed if...
  20. JerryDowning

    U527 new software on hopper 3 DVR

    One WD 2TB MyBook, and one WD 2TB MyBook Essential.