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  1. LOBO2999

    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    Its not part of the HD EXTRA PACK BIO HD that is and I dont get it one any of my D HD Recivers , I have reset them but nothing . Are we suppose to get it ? Thanks!
  2. LOBO2999

    Toshiba 65HM167 HDMI port not working

    I have a toshiba 65HM167 & one HDMI port is not working , there are 3 HDMI ports on the T.v the are in line with one another , so I would thank they are on 1 board ( not sure) I have tried other boxs, Blu Ray DVD players and other HDMI cables and it just wont work, it says no singal. The other...
  3. LOBO2999

    What To do ?

    Lost my few HD channels I had left on my Tivo HD DVR units ( new it was coming) I have a Directv DVR HD reciever but I have had 3 different one's HR 20-700 that died and then HR 21-100 HarDrive died and now a nother HR 21-100 , Not a big fan of them but they have gotten better and a little...
  4. LOBO2999

    How do I get DLB back

    Now that they release this new sofeware that I got on the 9th I lost ( something better than nothing ) DBL , I went in and did the youaskedforit but still nothing . DO I have to wait for tonights CE to get it back ? THanks!
  5. LOBO2999

    do sprint employees have 1 or 2 year contracts

    I dont know why , but I was just woundering if sprint employees have to agree to a 1 or 2 year contract ? IF they upgrade or change phones
  6. LOBO2999

    Whats wrong here ?

    I Finally got a refurb HD DVR HR21-100 and when and one of the prolbem I see is the time , yes the time on the guide, and in the guide. I set the time zone to eastern time and its an hour behind , if I set it to atlantic is shows the right time , ut its not my time zone . Any ideas?
  7. LOBO2999

    I'm I the only 1 with no luck with D's HDDVR's

    I have been with D for 10 1/2 years and I have had a few receivers in that time. I got an HR20-700 when it 1st came out and it had many problems from the get go and like everyone else we new bugs had to be work out, But one that I had ( out of the others) was a loud popping noise every few...
  8. LOBO2999

    Direct2pc an error has occured

    D/L the beta and everything went through, but when I go to watch something I keep getting the same message , An error has occured . Anyone else? How did you fix it? Thanks!
  9. LOBO2999

    Sync you Ipod , Question?

    Ok My Laptop crash and could not recover , I had to reformat and reinstall and of course lost a few things. I went to apple and reinstalled iTunes and when I hook up my IPOd touch it says ( The Ipod, Mikes IPod is synced with another Itunes library . An Ipod can be synced with only one Itunes...
  10. LOBO2999

    Satellite TAx in GA?

    I just got my bill and the tax was $9.03 it has always been just for the 2 lease receivers which is .35 f , so I called and they are telling me that GA just this month started doing the satellite tax and thats why its that much. I did a search on there site , where I was told to look but found...
  11. LOBO2999

    MPEG 2 HD channel problems on HR20-700

    I have had the HR20-700 for 14 months and the whole time, I have had loud popping noise's and crackling every few seconds to were they are unwatchable, but no problems on the MPEG4 or any SD channels, I have been back an forth with D on this an they cant figure out what it is , They never...
  12. LOBO2999

    Iron Man Demo is now

    on Xbox live
  13. LOBO2999

    MadCatz's Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit

    MadCatz's Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit up for pre-order - Engadget HD
  14. LOBO2999

    XM Instant traffic station not up to date ?

    I wanted to know if anyone might know why? I listen to the Instant Traffic here in Atlanta every now and then , and It drives me crazy , when I tune in lets say at 10 AM if I am headed down to Atlanta and it tells me there is a wreck on GA 400 and traffic is at a stand still and all lanes are...
  15. LOBO2999

    Wii's in Circuit City add 3/2/08-3/8/08

    GAMERS: The Wii IS listed in this week’s ad on Page #1 // Limited Quantities // No rain checks // Limit 1 per household // Minimum 15 per store // Get your warm winter overcoat & mittens on early to get yours!!!! GAMERS: Pre-Order Super Smash Brothers Video Game for the Wii Gaming System and...
  16. LOBO2999

    Wii at Target, Sunday, February 24, 2008

    DVD Talk Forum - Target Prices: February 24 - March 1, 2008
  17. LOBO2999

    HH Gregg HD DVD player $128.88

    I just got the add in the paper this morning, and it says HD DVD High-Definition DVD Player W/ 1080P Output seeming like its the HDA30 $128.88, but if you go to there site the $128.88 its the HDA3 , so I would think its a misprint?
  18. LOBO2999

    XBox 360 Devil May Cry Demo is up Now

    I just got done playing it , we'll one part of it and it looks great and plays great.
  19. LOBO2999

    Undertow Free of Charge on Xbox LIVE Arcade

    Didnt see this posted yet, Recently, posted a letter from Marc Whitten, General Manager of Xbox LIVE, thanking subscribers for their patience with the service. We’ve implemented several improvements to the service, to help ensure ongoing reliability and performance. As the popularity...
  20. LOBO2999

    Xbox 360 Meltdown

    MSNBC - Video Front Page