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  1. boomer69

    XM in Jamacia

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm going to Jamacia in a couple weeks and was wondering if it would be worth taking my XM boombox with me so I could catch some baseball. Can I receive XM in Montego Bay???... Thanks for any info!!!...:D
  2. boomer69

    BREAKING NEWS: Votto named NL MVP

    From ESPN: Reds 1B Joey Votto (.324 BA, 37 HR,113 RBI) names NL Most Valuable Player :up:up:up:D:up:up:up
  3. boomer69

    Dario Franchitti Wins Indy 500

    Dario Franchitti wins his 2nd Indianapolis 500 with Dan Wheldon coming in 2nd, and Alex Lloyd getting 3rd!!!...:up
  4. boomer69

    Pacers Games in HD

    Last night I called DISH Network and complained about not having the Pacers first game in HD even tho I knew it was available. I ended up getting the same CSR in the loyalty dept. that I got when I was bitching last May about the Reds HD games that were missing on DISH. I pretty much knew that...
  5. boomer69

    XM in Mexican Riviera?

    I am leaving on a cruise from LA to the Mexican Riviera this weekend and was wondering how the reception is down south of the border for XM... Any help would be appreciated!!!...:bounce
  6. boomer69

    Previous/Next Post Links

    Even when I am down the lists of threads in any forum, I cannot see the "Previous Post" link. All I get is the "Next" post link shown by its titile. Is there a setting I'm missing, could it be this antique comp I'm using (although I get it on similar fourms), or am I just an idiot for not...
  7. boomer69

    FSN Cincinnati HD

    Here is my prediciment!!!...:confused: I have a DISH 500 for 110/119 and a wing dish at 61.5, where I am getting my HD... RIght now, the FSN Cincinnati HD feed is on 129 only, so the other day, while cancelling some premium channels I don't watch during baseball season, I talked to a tech...